Meet Upcoming Singer/Songwriter: SLCHLD. “I shouldn’t box myself in a certain music industry.”

In today’s interview I had the pleasure of speaking with upcoming singer/songwriter – SLCHLD. Personally, I’ve been listening to SLCHLD since the beginning of his career and over the last year he has grown into one of my favorite artists coming out of Canada. Originally from South Korea, he has been able to combine both his eastern and western influences and create a sound of his own. In this interview I got the chance to speak with him about the responsibilities of being an entertainer, his evolution as an artist, and much more…

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Q: Before we start, would you like to introduce yourself?

A: Hello, my name is Doohyuk Jang, but I go by the alias Seoulchild (stylized as SLCHLD). I am a 22 year old vocalist based in Canada and Korea. I have yet to make an official release, but I am preparing to make a debut EP sometime soon.



Q: You’ve only been out a year but because of your work ethic SO much has happened. Is music a career you’ve always seen yourself being in?

A: Honestly I had no idea I would be where I am today back when I started. I originally just rapped with my friends for fun, but when I started singing, that’s when I took music seriously. I don’t know if I will be doing music forever because of how harsh the music industry is run today, but that is my goal as of right now.


Q: Is there anyone in your family also into music or are you the first?

A: I guess my whole family did music at some point. My dad often told me and my family about when he used to be in a rock band, and I thought that was cool. My mother used to do Traditional Korean Folk Music, which included instruments such as 장구 (Janggu) and 꽹과리 (Kkwaenggwari). As for my brother, he used to play the clarinet and the alto saxophone in school.


Q: What was their reaction when you decided to become a musician?

A: I used to work as a Graphic Designer at company before I started music. They were hesitant at first because I was just about to begin a legit career, but they were supportive later on when I showed how much music meant to me.



Q: You’ve made music in a list of genres, but often times record R&B records— I’m curious, who were some of your influences growing up?

A: Growing up I listened to a variety of music. My brother used to fill my MP3 up when I was little and it had some hits from the old days such as Britney Spears’ “Toxic”, Seotaeji’s ‘난 알아요’, and Chris Brown’s ‘Superhuman’. Back in middle school, Taylor Swift was the hot trend among friends so I listened to her a lot as well. I’d say Jason Mraz and Justin Timberlake were the two artists I adored the most back then.



Q: When you initially began looking into music were you already skilled in the writing/singing area or did you have to hone your craft?

A: Oh no, I was terrible when I started. When I first started making music, I thought that I had to make complex lyrics and rhyme schemes, and didn’t pay too much attention to how much soul I was putting into them. Writing songs was a huge, but fun learning curve for me to get better at and it still is today.


Q: Are there any tips you could give aspiring artists when it comes to developing their sound?

A: I know this might not apply for every aspiring artists, but I’d say you should make your art shine in a way you would like it to be. It’s okay to be influenced by the accomplished artists you look up to, but you should always put what you want first when shaping it. I used to think that I had to make hits and songs that the audience would for sure enjoy, but now I just make what I want and try to connect with fans who relate to them.



Q: In an interview with Inspire Me Korea, you mention that when you started out, several musicians gave you advice in terms of your music and artistry — is there any piece of advice that stuck out to you the most?

A: Some musicians that I got to meet that are in the mainstream often told me that I should incorporate more Korean lyrics to my music. That honestly stressed me out because I’m more a person who writes what I feel at that time and state, and I feel that I express those feelings better in English. I was stuck at one point due to this advice I received, but later realized that I shouldn’t box myself in a certain music industry. In more ways or another, I am thankful for this advice.




Q: Since your debut you’ve released music, several projects, and a couple of features — what’s been your “favorite responsibility” since transitioning into an artist (so far)?

A: It’s all about the vibes that are created in the process. I enjoy doing features when I’m with the artist I’m doing it with. We share ideas and brainstorm what we want to say and align each others directions towards the collaboration. When I made ‘when I leave’ with GILLA, oceanfromtheblue, and RNMK, we were just bouncing off ideas back and forth and it was so much fun. Same goes for when I work with producers. When I work on my personal projects I sometimes force myself into a state I don’t want to be in to draw out what I want to sing. It’s sometimes painful, fun, and sad, but that’s why I love music. I’d say my favorite responsibility since transitioning into an artist would be trying to satisfy myself with what I am doing to the fullest.



Q: Your debut came in January 2017 with the release of your first project Motel, do you remember the feeling you got once you released it?

A: That was a fun project. Takes me back haha. Back then I didn’t know what I was getting into, it was just a project I made for fun. When it got highlighted on popular YouTube Music Channels (shout out to my good friends over at WLK, and Daniel from Danielions music) everything felt surreal. I enjoyed every moment and sometimes I wish I could go back to enjoying music like that.


Q: What was it like for you to hear the finished project in its final form?

A: It was beautiful. My first ever project, so it had to feel amazing right? Haha. Although I didn’t have vast knowledge of mixing or mastering tracks back then, I tried to pay attention to detail to the best of my knowledge and I was satisfied when it was completed.



Q: Since Motel, you have released The Sadness Inside You, Wisdom & Prayer, and Emotions. How have you evolved as an artist with each project?

A: I sometimes forget I released that many projects wow.

The Sadness Inside You was my approach on the lo-fi genre and was an essential catalyst that helped me grow as a songwriter.

I consider Wisdom & Prayer as a letter to my future self, telling me that I shouldn’t get drunk in fame or money if I ever was to blow up.

Emotions was a painful, but fun project for me. It’s a project about stepping into the adult world, having responsibilities, and reflecting upon my mistakes and actions. The way I wrote most of my lyrics there are in riddles, something that many people might not have known.


Q: Do you have a favorite song off of each project? If so, which ones and why?


The whole process of making the song probably took no less than 30 minutes, and initially I was doubtful because I thought I didn’t put hard work into it. But I grew into loving it and realised that time is a subjective matter when it comes to making music.

  • Wisdom & Prayer – “Prayer

I don’t listen to my own songs a lot, but I still listen to this song because it’s a reminder for me to be a person who takes control of my responsibilities.

This is the outro track of the mixtape. I express that I shouldn’t give up on what I want to do or achieve, and if I face failures, I should grow from it. It’s a song that reminds you to love yourself.



Q: You took a short hiatus earlier in this year – were you able to relax and refocus? Why did you think you needed the break?

A: As I mentioned earlier, when I receive the advice of trying to incorporate Korean lyrics I was puzzled and was lost. I was never satisfied with what I was doing. I initially had a EP finished and ready to release it, but I eventually scrapped the whole project because I hated the fact that some of the tracks in it weren’t my real expressions.



Q: With every release, do you feel pressured to make every song as good as the last? Does it ever get difficult to remain creative?

A: I can’t lie about this and yes, the pressure is always there. However, there are times when I make a song and I feel that it was my best song so far. And whether that certain song or project blows up or not, I am satisfied.



Q: You’ve announced that you’re almost halfway finished with your latest project, do you have a name for it yet? What should we expect to hear on it?

A: There is a name planned, and I think it’s a great name (won’t spoil it just yet!). There aren’t a lot of features on the EP, mostly it’s just me and my producer GILLA. A lot of the topics I discuss on the project are my adventures this past year and how my view changed from then to now. I hope y’all enjoy it!



Q: What are some goals you are hoping to achieve by the end of 2018?

A: My goal last year was to hit a 1000 followers on Soundcloud, and now I’m somewhere between 10,000 or whatsoever. This year, I just want to put out the EP, with no regrets. I honestly don’t expect it to go big or anything, but nonetheless I want to release the project with me in it 100%.


Q: Lastly, is there anything you would like to tell your supporters?
A: I love all of you. Each and everyone that supports me. I apologize if I sometimes make abrupt decisions but I thank you for supporting me throughout this one hell of a ride of being a musician. I will hit you guys back with new updates soon!

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Also, make sure to listen to his latest singles “Wednesday Girl” and “Hollywood

Meet Upcoming R&B Vocalist: Junny. “… I would have never imagined myself being where I am now… ”

In today’s interview, I get the chance to speak with Korean-Canadian R&B vocalist, Junny. In a span of his career, he has produced more music and content than some established artists, which is more than enough of a reason to check him out! His consistency and quality music has attracted a cult following throughout the world and this is just the beginning. In the interview, I got the chance to speak to him about his roots, remaining creative, and much more!

Enjoy 🙂

Q: Hello; Before we start, would you like to introduce yourself?

A: Hello, my name is JUNNY and I’m a soundcloud artist based in Vancouver.


Q: Originally from Korea, your family moved to Canada when you were young – do you remember there being any significant changes – at least in the cultural aspect?

A: I moved to Canada when I was 4.The whole process of adapting to a new culture didn’t apply to me since I was so young!



Q: You’ve kept close ties with Korea whether it be slipping words or phrases in your music – do you feel it is important to acknowledge your roots? Do you think it’s important that anyone acknowledge their roots?

A: Even though I was fully aware of being raised in Canada, I always wanted to show that I understand/appreciate the Korean culture, and I’m always thankful to my parents for giving me the freedom to experience both cultures at the same time. I always believed that wherever you may be, home is where the heart is.



Q: Is music a profession you always saw yourself being in or was it more of a hobby that developed into something more?

A: I’ve always enjoyed listening to music and singing was one of my major hobbies throughout my elementary/high school years but things started getting serious for me as soon as I graduated high school. I suddenly realized that I was now becoming an adult and needed to choose the right career path. Having two older brothers that successfully pursued their careers from their hobbies gave me the confidence to let music become my future.



Q: Were there any musicians you were influenced by? Any that made you think “This is what I want to do with my life too” ?

A: Too many to choose from! But to name a few, I was greatly inspired by western R&B singers like Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Usher, etc. As I got older I started to listening to Korean R&B and that was when I realized it wasn’t about race, or stereotypes that make the music. It’s the passion and creativity that drives an artist to create something amazing.



Q: When you decided to take music seriously, did you have your family’s / friend’s support?

A: Luckily I have parents that are very supportive and like I said from the question earlier, I have two older brothers that really helped me gain my confidence. My friends always new that I could sing but when I told them I was going to actually pursue this as a career, they never hesitated to support me.



Q: Since your debut, you have released 3 projects, 1 collaborative project, countless features, and more. Did you see all of this happening in such a short span of time when you started?

A: No, not at all and for me to even have a following and people listening to my music around the world is unbelievable. I would have never imagined myself being where I am now and I am very thankful for that.



Q: How have you remained so consistent? Do you think this consistency is what helped you gain a fanbase?

A: It may sound ridiculous but I actually felt like I was just having too much fun being able to collaborate with such talented people and I never thought about the amount of songs I put up. I just constantly wanted to make more because I loved every part of the process.



Q: Speaking of fanbases, do you have a name for your supporters yet?

A: No I don’t think I’m at that level of fame just yet! Haha.. Even if I eventually got to that point I wouldn’t be able to think of one because I am the worst with names 😦



Q: Because you are so consistent, does it ever get hard to remain creative?

A: Now that I’ve released a number of tracks it does get a little difficult trying to put out better music every time but I’m always being inspired by other artists which makes me switch up my style from time to time.



Q: You’ve performed a number of times, what are your favorite songs to perform? What are some tips you can give when it comes to performances?

A: I’ve actually haven’t performed in a while but when I did I loved performing “시간지났어(I’m Good)” Which was one of my first songs I’ve ever made. I’m more excited to perform in Korea this summer with the Monderland crew!

Performing is always a little nerve-racking but I tend to remind myself to keep my head up and try to engage the listeners because I’m not singing for myself; I’m singing for them.



Q: I know one of your goals is to perform in the biggest music venues in Korea. Would you ever consider moving there to help further your career?

A: I’m actually going to Korea in a couple days to really experience the music scene there and I’m planning to go back and forth, eventually ending up living there when I the time is right.



Q: As you mentioned earlier, you are in a collective called Monderland; this collective features upcoming Korean musicians such as Yelloasis – with whom you’ve released a collaborative project Interior and a number of songs with. I’m curious as to how y’all met?

A: I first contacted Yelloasis through Soundcloud after listening to his mixtape. We exchanged our contact info and started to collaborate on a few songs eventually leading us to starting a collective in order to help each other grow since we have that mutual respect towards our music.



Q: Is there something about his artistry that you admire? What makes him one of your most frequent collabs?

A: Working on a collaborative project with someone overseas is usually a really difficult task because you’re not able to be in the same place vibing to one song. Making Interior I’ve never felt so comfortable working with someone and we realized that we feel/hear music in a similar way. It was never intentional to feature him so much in my music but the dude has a phenomenal voice and it’s hard not to think of him as my first choice.



Q: As I’ve mentioned, you have done countless features/collaborations – are there any upcoming/current artists you would like to collaborate with? Do you have any dream collaborations?

A: I’m always down to collaborate with artists whoever it may be if the music is good I’m up for anything. In terms of dream collaborations I would love to work with Eric Bellinger because he has been a huge influence in my music this year.



Q: I know you write and produce a majority of your music. What advice would you give aspiring artists when it comes to creating music and staying focused?

A: I’m nowhere near the level to give advice to others but If I had to, I would say “be open to listen for any type of music for inspiration and always enjoy the process.”



Q: In March you released your third project, Genuine which features the hit song “Handle You”.  What was your creative process like while you created this project? Was it similar / completely different from the process of your first two?

A: This album was definitely different for me since I just put out a collab project four months ago.

The process was more personal this time since I had the freedom to go a direction I was comfortable of taking. The whole time working on this project I constantly told myself “this is for you” reminding me that this album is mainly for the listeners/supporters that have made me become who I am as an artist. That is why I included that phrase in the intro track of the EP.



Q: How do you think you have evolved as an artist since your debut?

A: I haven’t had my official debut yet but looking back at who I was two years ago, I’m happy to say that I am proud of what I have accomplished and there is not a single thing that I regret in terms of music. I feel like I’m just getting started!



Q: What are some goals your hoping to accomplish throughout the year?

A: I really want to perform more this year so I can get to meet my listeners and really connect with them!



Q: Lastly, is there anything you would like to tell your supporters?
A: Hey everyone! Thank you so much for enjoying the songs I put out and I’m constantly trying to improve myself as an artist/person and it would not be possible if It wasn’t for you. Being in a position to make someone feel a certain type of emotion through my music is definitely a dream come true for me and I wake up everyday feeling grateful for all the support. As always, thank you for the love and I hope to make you guys proud in the future 🙂

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Meet Upcoming Alternative Artist: Celestia. “Keep doing your own thing and eventually your hard work and time you put into it will pay off.”

For today’s interview I got the chance to speak to upcoming singer/songwriter, Celestia. Currently based in Oregon, the Cali native has been working for the last two years to make a name for herself in the alternative / indie scene with hits such as “Sucky Notes” and her latest single “Malevolent” – it’s safe to say she’s in a lane of her own. If you enjoy listening to artists such as Avril Lavigne, TRACE, Miriam Bryant or any dark pop / indie rock artist that pops into your mind, be sure to listen to Celestia once you finish up the interview!

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Q: Before we begin, would you like to introduce yourself? (Your name, Where you’re from, etc.)

A:  My name is Celestia. I’m 20 years old. I was born in Santa Clara, CA and grew up in Portland, OR.



Q: Growing up, did you aspire to be a musician or was it a dream that grew over time? Was music something you were brought up around?

A: Growing up I’ve always wanted to become a musician. A huge influence for the start of my interest in music comes from my family. The earliest age I could remember myself singing is around 5 years old. I’ve heard my mom sing so much when I was a kid that I wanted to try it on my own one day. She used to show me old videos of her performing when she was younger. My dad played the guitar, and eventually around 12-13 years old I started to teach myself how to play. I stopped music for a little bit in high school, but began to pick it up back up again in the more recent years.



Q: When you initially decided to become a musician, did you have support from your inner circle? (family or friends)

A: A lot of my friends and family already knew that I had a passion for singing, and for  music in general. In terms of sharing about how I could use my passion as my career was another story… I grew up in a very strict household and was taught that my only way in life was to graduate from college pursuing a job in the medical field specifically. I didn’t disagree with the way my parents made it important to go the traditional route, although having that principle in my life just made it hard for my parents to support me, sometimes even with friends. So I always doubted myself and decided to even stop music for a few years because of the discouragement. But I think I can confidently say now, I’ve learned from those experiences, I just keep trying, because it music makes me happier than anything else.


Celestia (3)


Q: Your music is generally alternative, who are some artists that you’ve been influenced by?

A: I feel like I’m influenced by so many genres. I grew up listening to a lot of classic rock from my dad, and more of R&B stuff because of my mom. I think that’s where my type of music I try to create comes to play. It’s hard for me to stick to one, I tend to mix and match often because I think it’s fun. I’m very experimental, it could be a bad thing sometimes in my opinion lol



Q: The first song you ever released to the public was “Sucky Notes” back in 2016. What gave you the inspiration to write that song? Were you nervous about how it would be received by the public?

A: Sucky Notes was a perfect example of what I was going through during that time. Being heartbroken was a huge part of the reason why I took my music to the direction it went to. I took sadness and tried to give that comfort to feel good while listening to it too. You know, I’m not gonna go in TOO much detail about it, but I definitely was in a dark place in my life when I created that song. Also during that time, a lot of my friends were encouraging me to release original music, so I gave it a shot and said why not? It’s not my favorite song, but it’s definitely a memorable one.

I was nervous to release it because I hadn’t shown anybody my original songs. So it was a big step for me and my development. It almost felt liberating because I was letting out so much emotion in such a vulnerable time in my life.

I felt like it introduced me to a lot of many opportunities as well. My current music has definitely taken a different direction from heartbreak, though. But I still apply those types of themes in my music.



Q: Since it’s release, it has accumulated almost 20,000 plays on SoundCloud alone, how does it make you feel to know this many people support you?

A: It’s surreal. I question it everyday. Like, why? I’m just a girl making music on soundcloud in my room. Lol. I did not expect that many people to listen to any of my music to be honest. I started to release my music for fun. When I started noticing that people wanted more, I changed my sense of direction to a more serious path. My supporters are the reason why I try to work harder, without them I don’t know where I would be. They taught me that music was something I wanted to seriously pursue in life.



This is Revival

Q: You continued releasing music throughout 2017 and in 2018 released your debut project This is Revival.  Where does this work ethic come from?

A: When the end of 2017 came to play, I started thinking about ways to try to experiment even more with my music. I felt like a lot of people didn’t know who I was just yet, and I wanted to formally introduce myself as an artist.


I was only releasing singles, kind of teasing the idea, you know? Haha. Since my audience started gradually growing, I wanted to give back to them somehow. Kind of sending the message out that I’m staying. I want to keep that type of relationship with people that support me.



Q: Speaking of your newest project, what is the meaning behind the title? Can you briefly explain the project as a whole?

A: “This Is Revival” is my baby. I treated this project initially as an experiment, but the concept of the project itself inspires me a lot. I just sat down one day and asked myself if I was really letting people know how serious I am about music. So I pumped out over 17 songs in a few months and said, ‘you know what, whatever, here it is. This is me. Take it or leave it.’ It started getting fun..

The more I made music, the more I learned how much I genuinely enjoyed it. Granted, I don’t think I’ve reached my entire potential yet, and I have those discouraging moments. But making music is truly and has always been a safe place for my creative senses.



Q: Since it’s release, you’ve released your latest song “Malevolent” – can you explain what the song is about for those who have yet to hear it?

A: Malevolent was a really fun project to work on. It’s about evil intent. Not necessarily about anyone specific, but the concept of feeling surrounded by hostile behavior. I don’t know. I can’t trust anyone. Just the truth. But it could mean anything to anybody, which is always the cool part about art. It’s also a single off of an upcoming project with one of my producers. M-Piece.


Q: As mentioned earlier, you’ve been out for almost two years – is there any advice would you give aspiring artists when it comes to creating music and staying inspired?

A: I just want to say, we’re all still growing and learning. Don’t worry about what anybody else thinks. Just keep doing your own thing and eventually your hard work/time you put into it will pay off somehow. Be open to constructive criticism, focus on developing your own sound. Look for more influences whether if it is more music, painting, or writing. Stay consistent, and interact with your supporters. Building that relationship is so important. I personally think it’s the best part. Lastly, as corny it might sound, just always try to have fun with it too. If it makes you happy, then why not keep going for it? You might as well make the most of it.



Q:  Is there anything you would like to tell your supporters?
A: To all my long time supporters, thank you so much for sticking around since Sucky Notes. You all believe in me when I don’t, and I appreciate every single one of you! Your support will never go unnoticed, it’s what keeps me going. To all my current supporters, thank you for checking me out, I’m glad you enjoy my music, it gives me some peace in my mind. I feel like I’m letting out a huge part of myself when I release my music, so it’s cool that people want to experience that with me too.

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DaVionne. “. . . There is something about releasing your music, It’s like sharing a piece of your soul to the world. . . ”

In today’s interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with upcoming singer/songwriter Davionne. At only 18 years old, it’s not only enjoyable, but admirable to witness the amount of talent and growth she has showcased since her debut in 2015. It seems she can only go up from here and we (Arcane that is . . . ) will be here to support her along the way. I got the chance to speak with her about her journey from the beginning until now, her creative process, and much more.

Read Below for full interview:


Q: Before we begin, would you like to introduce yourself to the readers?

A: Yes! My name is DaVionne, and I’m an 18 year old creative from Augusta, Georgia. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity, I hope you and the readers learn a bit more about me and my craft! 


Q: How would you describe your “sound” for those who have yet to hear your music?

A: I would describe my sound as extremely unique in every sense of the word! If I could describe it, I’d say I’m R&B mixed with some folk undertones. Although I don’t listen to folk, I do play the guitar and it heavily influences my music at times! I try to mesh Guitar and R&B/Hip-Hop to create a brand new sound.

DaVionne 01.JPG


Q: You’re still very young, did you always have dreams to become an entertainer?

A: I’ve been singing for the majority of my life, but I didn’t get serious about music until late last year. Because I’m a senior in highschool, I’m constantly surrounded by talks of college and people mapping out their future. I didn’t know what I wanted to do and I didn’t want to go to college with no plan and waste money but more importantly, I didn’t want to waste time. Time is extremely precious, and you only have a set amount, so I just decided to spend my time doing something I’m good at and love!



Q: Is this a career choice your family supported or did it take a little persuasion to get them on board?

A: I have an extremely supportive family, they love music and they love me! I just want to make them proud and make their life a little easier.



Q: How has your journey (from debut until now) been thus far? (Exciting / Nerve-wracking)

A: From the beginning, I’ve always known that this music is my calling. But there is something about releasing your music, It’s like sharing a piece of your soul to the world, so that’s always nerve-wracking! But I have amazing supporters and I’ve grown tremendously! I look forward to a promising future as well!



Q: Your “journey” started a little over three years ago when you released the song “He’s Got Me”. Do you remember the feeling you got once you released it for the world to hear?

A: That song was a huge step for me at that level, because I had never release any official music before so I was super nervous! I remember checking my amount of streams every 20 minutes! I’ve grown a lot since then.



Q: Are there any words of encouragement you could give to artists who may want to start their career, but are afraid of how they’ll be received?

A: I’d say to go for it! As I mentioned earlier, time is an extremely important factor because we only have a limited amount! It would be terrible to be at the end of your life looking back, and seeing all the opportunities you missed because you were fearful. There’s this quote that I love and it says “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. I’d also say that the music you make should be first for yourself, don’t ever let the opinions of others sway your confidence!



Q: After this, you continued releasing songs such as “Count On You”, “My Everything”, and “Hold Me Down” – what has helped you stay consistent throughout your career?

A: I believe my will to succeed plays a huge role in my consistency. Also, I believe the more you create, the better you get! My fanbase also keeps me motivated.



Q: With every song you’ve created thus far does it get a little hard to remain creative?

A: Nope! Of course I have my moments of creative drought, but for the most part, I get better with each song!



Q: Do you write all of your music yourself? Are there any songwriting tips you could lend out?

A: Yes! I write all of my music. I often imagine myself in different situations and think about how I would react or carry myself in that moment. I would say to anyone writing their own music that it’s okay to draw from other people’s experiences and create the perfect song. It’s also okay and normal to experience “Writer’s Block”. The last thing you want to do is force a song and end up with a song that is not your best. When you experience a creative drought, surround yourself with creativity and lots of inspiration!



Q: Your songs are generally about love / relationships – do you some (if not all) of your inspiration from personal experiences?

A: Most of my lyrics stem from personal experiences. I do, however, write about situations that I haven’t been through. I understand the importance of connecting with my audience, so sometimes I write about life situations in general.



Q: Are there any artists who give you inspiration / influence your music?

A: I don’t listen to the type of music that I sing, I listen to a lot of African music and Rap, both of which I don’t make. I try to stay true my voice and follow my own path when it comes to my sound! I take pride in originality and I think that plays a part in my music choice as well.



Q: Are there any artists you want to work with in the future?

A: Yes!! I have a whole list! But a few are: J.I.D, Jhene Aiko, Young Thug, and Ty Dolla $ign.


DaVionne - ILY.JPG

Q: Your latest song “ILY” was released mid-February, can you briefly explain what the song is about? What is the inspiration behind the song?

A: Yes, this song was a complete freestyle, so it truly came from my heart. I was basically talking about my love for someone and how they should appreciate me. It was honestly sooo fun to record. It was produced by Lelynd Darkes, an amazing producer based in DC. When he sent it to me I KNEW we had a hit! It’s also my first song released on all major platforms so that exciting as well!



Q: Out of all the music you’ve released thus far, which 2-3 songs would you recommend someone to fully grasp who you are as an artist?

A: I’d recommend “Hold Me Down” and “ILY” because they expose two completely different sides of me and the way I make music !



Q: Should we expect to hear more music from you throughout the year?

A: Yes! I am set to release my first EP in April of this year! You can always check my soundcloud for cover and unofficial releases though!


Q: Is there anywhere you hope your music reaches / you get a fan-base by the end of 2018?

A: I would hope to get my music overseas. But honestly, before the year is over, I’d hope to be well known throughout the US!



Q: Is there anywhere you want to be able to travel and promote your music?

A: Yes! I’d love to visit the United Kingdom, Cali, and New York!



Q: What are some of your goals for 2018?

A: Before the end of the year, I hope to open for a major artist and see my EP’s success exceed my expectations!



Q: Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to your supporters?
A: I’d like to say thank you. I know it’s cliche, but It’s my supporters that are the fuel that keep me going! I promise to keep on growing and improving! And also thank you to you, for having me! Love and blessings!

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Make sure to listen to her latest release “ILY” which can be found on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Meet Upcoming Pop Vocalist: SITA. “I’m driven by the desire to create art.”

Today, we get the chance to speak with upcoming pop singer, Sita. Sita knows a thing or two about to how to succeed in this industry because for one, she’s been in it for a while. Getting her start as an intern, she’s understands what it takes to be in this industry. I got the chance to speak with her about her journey thus far, being an independent artist, and much more!

Read below for full interview:


Q: Before we begin, would you like to introduce yourself to the readers?

A: Hi I’m Sita. I am a singer-songwriter from NYC and currently live in Nashville. I love the sun, reading, traveling, and I can’t sleep without socks on.



Q: I read somewhere that you’ve been interested in the Arts – specifically music, since you were a child, is this a career you’ve always wanted to be a part of – or was it more a hobby / pastime that developed into something more?

A: I always knew that music would be a part of my future, and envisioned myself singing professionally since I was three. I love singing and making music, so I have actively and intentionally pursued it throughout my life.



Q: When you initially began writing / recording music – did you have the support of your inner circle? (family / friends / peers)

A: I was lucky to have a supportive family. Although extremely critical, my mom and dad did show me that they were rooting for me and there for me if I ever needed them.



Q: Are there any tips / words of advice you could offer aspiring artists who may be too afraid to start their career in an industry as competitive as music?

A: I’ve found that in general, one should never let fear determine your course of action. If something motivates and fuels you, then by all means, go for it. Life is too short to not engage in something that brings you happiness, regardless of the outcome. I make music and sing because I enjoy the artistic process…not for fame or a fattened bank account or to prove myself to peers.



Q: Since this industry is a tad “competitive” what do you think sets you apart from other musicians?

A: Well, there is SO much music readily available these days. So, I try to create soundscapes that I find unique, when combined with my vocals. I would like to think that I bring listeners to a soulful place in a smooth way.



Q: I know some of the artists you feel are in a lane of their own include: Jessie Ware, Kimbra, and Kevin Garrett. What are some qualities you feel set them apart?

A: Each one of these artist’s music brings such vivid imagery. Their choice of unconventional instrumentation under soulful melodies is what I am personally drawn to, and I feel sets them apart.



Q: Would you ever collaborate with these artists if you had the chance? Do you happen to have any dream collaborations?

A: Yes! I would love to collaborate with any and all of them. Frank Ocean would be another artist who I admire, respect, and with whom I feel I would create something beautiful.



Q: Now, (correct me if I’m wrong) – you got your start in music by writing for film and television? Can you explain the process to becoming a jingle singer?

A: Yes..people often say “jingle singer” a lot of the times. It’s so much more than just hopping in the studio and singing a silly 3 second catchy motive. What I’ve done entails composing and recording melodies and lyrics for demanding clients in a highly competitive advertising industry. It’s about nailing the right vibe at the right time. I got started interning for music agencies in NYC, which gave me the opportunity to work (singing and writing) with various composers who submit music for commercials and shows. One open door led to another.


Q: Do you think that’s a certain career path that’s often overlooked?

A: I’m not sure that it’s overlooked. It’s very competitive and requires hard work and talent, like any artistic career. I’m lucky that my work has found so much favor with people within that industry.


Q: Is the lack of recognition what drove you to become an independent artist – or did you always have hopes to become the one in the spotlight?

A: I don’t think that a lack of recognition was my drive or is my drive presently. I’m driven by the desire to create art and we’ll see where it takes me.


Sita 01.JPG


Q: When you released one of your first – if not, the first song as an independent artist “Closer” – did you know what to expect?

A: I had NO idea what to expect! It was something that I just put out there, and hoped for the best.


Q: Since its release, you’ve been consistent in dropping quality music with songs such as “Around Me, Back and Forth, and your newest song “Low”. With every song you create, does it become harder to stay creative?

A: Thank you 🙂 Every song is different…so some come way more easily than others. I aim to create music that I like and that inspires me. Sometimes, it is a challenge..but, at those points you can’t get discouraged. You have to get through the crap in order to get the gold.


Q: Because you are an independent artist, it is a little harder to gather a fan base and get your name your there (but in due time it will happen). What keeps you motivated?

A: Well, I guess life is what motivates me. Music is the way in which I express myself- my thoughts and emotions. As long as I‘m living, I feel like I will always feel the need for expression through music.


Q: Do you think major labels are still necessary to become popular in the industry?

A: I think that while major labels can significantly help an artist gain exposure, I do not think that they are a necessity. There are so many music platforms available these days. So, it’s certainly not impossible for indie artists to achieve success on their own.


Q: You have yet to release a full project but you do have a lot of music out – is that something you’re working towards in 2018?

A: I think that the music industry has changed significantly in the last decade. I don’t believe that full projects are 100% the way to go for indie artists at this point. So, I am just concentrating on releasing singles for the moment.


Q: What are some of your main goals for the year?

A: My goal is to keep releasing as much music as possible. I don’t have a set number, but I ideally, I would love to release one single per month. I would also love to collaborate with more artists, too.


Q: Lastly, is there anything you would like to tell your supporters?

A: THANK YOU!!!! Your words and love for the music have been amazingly encouraging. It’s such a great feeling to know that I am able to connect with people through my favorite art form.

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To listen to her latest single “Low” click here.