2019 / pt. II / 2018 Rewind

To celebrate OA turning 1, I would like to dedicate the first post of the New Year to the artists who contributed to the site in 2018. Most readers don’t know this, but many of interviews featured in the first quarter of ‘18 (Jan-March) were completed BEFORE the site was even created. For whatever reason, the very first artists on the site believed in my vision for OA and were willing to help me out before the platform was even accessible. These artists will forever be embedded in my heart, because they believed in my hopes for the site, justs as much as I did.

I will probably never be able to pay them back, but I figure the least I can do is providing you with a link to all of their new music (songs & projects that were released after their time on OA).

Those who have new projects:


Those who’ve released new songs:

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Monthly Playlist; November ’18

It’s the time of the month where I give you readers a small collection of music I’ve been listening to throughout the month. This month, I was (for whatever reason) gravitated towards every other sector in Pop music (dark, alternative, indie, etc.) over my normal Alternative & Contemporary R&B – so this playlist may not sound like what you’d expect from this site. As always, there are two seperate playlists: Soundcloud version (14 songs) and Spotify version (17 songs) and if you scroll below, you will see each what each playlist has to offer. If you have any music suggestions, feel free to connect with me through our contact page, and maybe the song will make it to next month’s playlist!



Soundcloud Ver. (14 Songs)

  1. Sori Lee – You Are Luhh (Cover)
  2. Hanna Lashay – Get Away
  3. Isaac Dunbar – Blonde
  4. Jaden Smith – Yeah Yeah
  5. RM – Seoul *Korean*
  6. Saro – Please
  7. Iyamah – Seasons
  8. Mikhala Jene – Fight For You
  9. J-hope – Blue Side (Outro)
  10. Darci – Wont
  11. Nieah – 미루지마 *Korean*
  12. Jung Jin-woo – 위성 *Korean*
  13. Vi – Wait
  14. Billie Bodega – Ode to a Dead Princess

Spotify  (20 songs)

  1. Saro – All Limbs
  2. FKJ – Vibin Out feat. ((0))
  3. Teo – Thru My Hair
  4. RM – badbye (feat. eAeon) *Korean*
  5. Billie Bodega – Ode to a Dead Princess
  6. RM – Moonchild
  7. Cherrie – Vadsomhelst *Swedish*
  8. Jaden Smith – Yeah Yeah
  9. Isaac Dunbar – Blonde
  10. Satica – Agave Nights
  11. Alunageorge – Cold Blooded Creatures (ft. Bryson Tiller)
  12. Mikhala Jené – Fight for You
  13. Symphoni Soto – Feelings
  14. Jaden Smith – Rollin Around
  15. Arzlee – Castaway
  16. Saro – Boy Afraid
  17. J-hope – Blue Side (Outro)

Meet Pop Artist: Thuy. “… it always led back to music…”

In today’s interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with Cali based artist, Thuy (pronounced Twee). For OA followers, the name may sound familiar seeing as she was featured on our monthly playlist in September with the song Options; but for those who are visiting the site for the first time, let me give a little insight.


Thuy is an artist whose sound will fill you with the nostalgia of the early millenia. Citing artists like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, she’s well on the way to being one of the new faces for pop music. In this interview, we got the chance to speak about becoming an artist, collaborations – an we even (accidently) got a surprise for all you Cali fans, at the end!


Q: Before we begin, would you like to introduce yourself? 

A: Hi everyone! My name’s Thuy and I’m a singer/songwriter based out of the Bay Area!



Q: When I listen to your music, I get the same reminiscent feeling that I get when listening to music from the early 2000s – I’m curious, who were some of your musical influences growing up?

A: That’s so funny that you say that because a lot of my influences are artists from the early 2000s! I’m talking Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, etc! I thought I was gonna grow up and become the next Britney Spears to be honest. I used to play her albums over and over until my boombox died. LOL. I definitely do think that my love for pop music from the early 2000s has inspired a lot of the music I make now.



Q: Before becoming an artist, were there any other career paths you had looked into, or did you always know it was music? Was it a decision that your peers supported?

A: I remember singing at such a young age. Like I mentioned earlier, I thought I was gonna be the next Britney Spears of my day. But of course, life happened. I ended up doing really good in school and getting my Bachelors at UC Santa Barbara. I thought for the longest time that I was going to become a Pediatrician. When that didn’t work out, I thought about becoming a Physician’s Assistant. Basically, I thought I was going to work in the medical field my whole life. At the same time, I was making music on the side for about 3 years. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that I had an honest conversation with myself about what my real passions were in life; it always led back to music.




Q: Once you decided that music is what you wanted to be known for, what excited you the most: the creation process (writing / recording), performing, spreading a message, etc?

A: I love it all! But..my favorite part about making music is getting to perform it and also the music videos are really fun! I feel like a whole different side of me comes out and I honestly surprise myself each time.



Q: Most of your music has to do with relationships, do you tend to draw inspiration from personal experiences? Where do you get your inspiration(s) from?

A: Most definitely. I think the best music comes from personal experiences. I’ve been heartbroken before and it helped write a lot of my songs. When I pull from my own experiences, it’s so easy to become inspired and write. I think majority of my listeners have also gone through similar things and it’s amazing to see how much impact my music has; for them and myself.


Q: One of the first times we heard you, was with the release of “Hands on Me” (feat. CR Crucial) – what was the process of creating your “debut” like? Were you nerve-wrecked/excited once you released it out into the world?

A: It was not too serious! It was my first song and I didn’t expect so many people to love it! It had a couple radio spins which amazed me considering it was the first song I ever made! CR played such a heavy role in helping me write. He’s just sooo talented and writing with him was so organic. We wrote this song together in his garage one night and had so much fun; writing each line was like putting together all the pieces of a puzzle.



Q: You’ve collaborated w/ CR Crucial a number of times since this, most recently on his track “On Your Line”; Is their anything about their artistry that makes you want to keep collaborating with them?

A: I feel like we make the best songs together! People love when we collab and it’s always such a fun process. I feel like music shouldn’t be stressful and you should just live in the moment. Writing and making music with CR is just that.



Q: How do you feel about collaborations in general? Are there any up and coming artists you want to work with? Dream collaborations?

A: I get a lot of DMs and emails asking to collab; I’m not against it but I want to LOVE their music before agreeing. I don’t get caught up in the amount of IG followers they have. I just wanna make good music. If I like their music, I would be down to collab. Dream collabs? Hmm…I honestly can’t answer this question. Collabing with Kehlani would be cool! I love her energy!
Q: You recently released “The Way” – can you briefly explain what the song is about?

A: “The Way” is such a cool funky song; super west coast vibes. It pulls from the classic “I Like the Way (Kissing Game)” by Hi-Five. It’s really just about loving the way someone makes you feel; physical and emotional.



Q: I know that you’ve performed quite a few times – have you gotten the chance to perform the song yet?

A: I have! I performed it before it was released which is a cool feeling. If people love it, I’m that much more excited to release it to the world.



Q: What is it like performing?Are there events you would like to perform at in the future?

A: I love performing! I get a little nervous at first but that disappears the moment I hit the stage! People are thankfully so receptive to my music which makes it so much fun; especially when they sing along. I would love to perform at Rolling Loud, Coachella, honestly anywhere lol. I just love it.



Q: You’re based in LA, but are there any other areas you would like to visit/perform? Are there any places you would be surprised to learn you had supporters?

A: I’m actually based in the Bay Area. But surprise! I’m moving to LA in January! I haven’t actually told anyone so you guys are the first to know. I have a lot of fans in Australia and the United Kingdom! It’s amazing to me to see how far music can travel. I would love to visit those places and perform there.


Q: Because you’ve been consistently dropping music for the last 3 years, does it ever get hard to continue being creative/get new ideas? If so, how do you usually get through it?

A:  Oh man…creative blocks are crazy. It’s hard to be creative 24/7 so I love to take breaks in-between. If I can’t write to a song instantly, I won’t continue to sit there for hours trying to. I usually will stop listening to the beat and move on. In a week or so, I’ll re-visit the beat and if I’m still experiencing writer’s block, I’ll just pass on the beat. I gotta love every aspect of the song before I fully invest myself into it.

Capture 2

Q: How do you think you’ve grown as an artist (& person) since you started music? Is there any advice you could give aspiring artists?

A: I’ve grown so much since the start. I used to be so timid and unconfident. I didn’t fully believe in myself yet. I knew I loved making music so I continued to do it because I loved it. Every song I released and every performance I had helped to make me more confident and sure of who I was as an artist. I feel like we’re constantly evolving but I’m happy with who I am today.

For any new aspiring artists, just continue to work on your craft and LOVE what you do!


Q: As of 2018, you’ve released countless quality singles and collaborations, been featured on music platforms such as Spotify, performed a handful of times; I’m curious as to what some of your goals for the rest of the year.

A: My goals are to continue to do the same thing but with 120% effort. This move to LA is going to be a pivotal moment in my journey. I’m pretty much cutting off the medical field and focusing on music full time. It’s such a scary thing to think about but I’m also SO excited for this change!


Q: Is there anything we should be preparing for? 

A: MORE music and visuals for sure! I’m working on releasing an EP next year so look out for that!


Q: Lastly, is there anything you would like to tell your supporters?

A: Thank you for allowing me to do what I do. I’m so blessed to have such a core fanbase already and I am honestly so grateful for each and every one. You guys mean so much to me and without you, my music would fall on deaf ears. So thank you for giving me a platform to show you who I am.

If you enjoyed this interview, be sure to check Thuy out on Instagram & Twitter!

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If you want to listen to any songs featured in the interview, check below:
Hands On Me
The Way

Meet Upcoming Australian Producer: Tokyo Twilight. “…stepping back sometimes and living in the moment is refreshingly healthy…”

When I created OA, my only goal was to help upcoming creators. I didn’t know how it would work, and I definitely had no idea how far it would spread – but thanks to you, the readers – I have been able to speak to some of the most talented visionaries worldwide.

For example, in this interview, I get the chance to speak with upcoming producer and DJ: Tokyo Twilight, from Brisbane, Australia. A musician since birth, Tokyo, whose influences include people like British producer, Bonobo, has gotten attention from music platforms such as Dynmk (music channel based on YouTube) and over 40,000 plays for his latest song “Little Things” in just under a week.

Although he’s relatively young, he’s already realized that this is a trying industry and that although it’s important to stay consistent, it’s just as important to “live in the moment.”

In this interview, I got the chance to discuss the backstory behind the name, the success of Little Things, and much more!


Q: Before we begin, would you like to introduce yourself?

A: Hey! I’m Jack. I’m a musician/DJ, and I live in Brisbane, Australia.  


Q: Is there a backstory behind your name? If so, explain.

A: I went to Japan about 4 years ago I think? Anyways I was on the flight back to Australia during Twilight, and for whatever reason, the full moon was nestled behind the skyscrapers of Tokyo in the distance, and the name Tokyo Twilight just popped into my head!


Q: You’ve used words such as “ambient-electronic” to describe your music; Who are some of the musicians (artists, producers, etc.) that influenced this sound?

A: It always depends what I’m listening to! But my biggest influence would have to be Bonobo, I’m in love with the way he combines electronic and organic soundscapes into one piece, it’s makes it sound so orchestral and grand, but also stays true to the electronic elements.


Q: You’re relatively young, were you always attracted towards the arts? (specifically music) Does your family have a musical background?

A: I’ve been going strong since I could walk haha, I’ve always loved dancing to music, so anytime any Michael Jackson came on, the people around me would always get a show! I only really started to write music about 3 or 4 years ago, however things have become more serious and promising in this past year.


Q:  I’ve previously interviewed an audio engineer, can you explain to me what the differences between an engineer and a producer are? (Is producing more about making a beat, creating the “whole picture”, etc.)

A: Yeah, it’s actually very different process with the same intended outcome, which is to make something sound nice. A producer specifically focuses on the content and sounds of the music, and a sound engineer focuses on making that content sound the best it can.


Q: At what age did you get into producing? What made you gravitate towards it?

A: I got into producing around when I was 13 I think, I just started messing around on GarageBand, and then found Ableton which is what I use now. I was listening to a lot of Daft Punk and really wanted to do the same thing.
Little Things.JPG

Q: If I’m correct, the first song you released (that featured vocals) “Little Things (ft. DVNA) came out over the summer. What was the creation process of that song?

A: Yeah it was! With vocals at least. I’ve released quite a few tracks here and there beforehand but “Little Things” has been the start of what I’ve always wanted to do.

Basically, I had this chord idea and vocal hook I had been picking at for ages, and eventually I decided to send it to my good friend Dana (DVNA). She took the idea and transformed it into this amazing vocal performance and threw in some nice production ideas too, then it was an uphill journey of ideas that just kept flowing. We actually didn’t see each other in person the whole writing process, the power of the internet!


Q: Do you think you will collaborate with more artists in the future? Do you have any dream collaborations?

A: I’ve been listening to this LA based rapper Duckwrth lately, I love his flow and his tone, so yeah i’d love to do something with him one day!


Q: Since its release, the song has been played over 4,000 times on SoundCloud alone, featured on one of the biggest music platforms on YouTube: DYNMK. Did you think that the song would explode like it did when you made it?

A: I sort of made this song with the intent of appealing to pop lovers, my comfort zone of writing usually consists of more ambient sounds. I didn’t expect this one to get so much love, so I’m super thankful for it!


Q: You released the song during one of your shows, do you remember what the response was like? Were you nervous beforehand?

A: It’s tricky cause I tend to get in my own little bubble while I’m playing, and I usually forget to take a look up from my instruments haha! However, I had heaps of people come up and say that was their favourite of the night, so I was super humbled.


Q: You’ve actually held a number of shows since your debut, how do you usually prepare for them?

A: I’m pretty lazy when it comes to rehearsals haha, I usually just do a quick runthrough of my songs the night before and check that all my synths & samples are working cohesively with the tracks. I’ve been lucky to not get stage fright before shows, so that helps keep me calm.


Q: Now, you’re currently based in Brisbane (Australia), and OA is based in New York City; does it ever shock you to see how far your music has spread?

A: I’m so happy about it! I’d never thought I’d look at my Spotify stats and see listeners from the US and UK, so that’s very exciting.


Q: Are there any Australian based artists us overseas fans should have an eye on?

A: A fellow Brisbane local and one of my friends Golden Vessel, his stuff is stellar! I would also recommend checking out T. Scarlett and Marco, we work on a lot of music together, and they’re also Brisbane boys!


Q: You’re about a year into your career now, is there anything you’ve learned since being in this position? Is there any advice you could give up & coming musicians?

A: I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt is to have all the patience in the world. I’m quite young for what I do so I tend to get ahead of myself a lot of the time. I find that stepping back sometimes and living in the moment is refreshingly healthy and helps my creativity.


Q: Lastly, is there anything you would like to tell your supporters?

A: Thanks so much for the love, new music very very soon!

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If you would like to hear his latest song, “Little Things” feat. DVNA – click here.

Meet London Based R&B Vocalist: Bassette. “It’s scary releasing something you’ve created…”

In today’s interview, I get the chance to speak with Bermudian vocalist, Bassette. The singer, currently based in London, has been around for about three years and after a small hiatus, is preparing for a major comeback early next year. In this interview, we discuss the struggles of debuting, the journey of finding her voice, and what’s inspired her from the start.
Enjoy the interview 🙂

Before we begin, would you like to introduce yourself?

A: My name is Bassette, I’m 24 years old. I’m originally from Bermuda but, I’m based in London. I sing, write songs, laugh a lot and procrastinate too much!

Q: How would you describe your sound for those who have yet to hear your music?

A: Dreamy, bassy, lazy Sunday vibes…

Q: Your songs are generally about love & the complexity of it – why do you think you gravitate towards this topic? Where do you usually grab inspiration for these songs?

A: Everyone and anyone around me. I’m a good listener so my inspiration comes from friends, stories or situations mainly and also growing watching too many Jerry Springer episodes, observing trash relationships. (lol)


Q: Your latest song “Bermuda” – which you’ve described as a “celebration of wholehearted love” has received praises being called “infectious” and “tranquil”. As someone involved in 100% of your music, what is it like to hear praises like that?


A: It feels great to be honest! It’s scary releasing something you’ve created or taken part in creating, you don’t know how it’s going to be received. Just because you like it, others may not and that’s OK but it’s a long process from the creation of the song to actually releasing it so when it’s received well and given it’s praises it makes the whole process worth it.


Q: For a period of time, London did not have any major artists producing R&B music, which is the category you tend to work around. I’m curious as to who some of your musical influences were growing up.

A: Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, Destiny’s Child and later on The Weeknd & Frank Ocean plus lots more!



Q: You’ve stated that you only started pursuing music while in university. Was music always a “what if” type of career (dream career) in your mind, or was there a specific moment that you realized you wanted to do it professionally? Did your family support this decision?

A: I’ve grown up knowing I was going to be a singer, I just didn’t know how or whether it was realistic. My family wanted me to go down the route of school: university, get a job but I wasn’t feeling that so I thought London is the best place to be to pursue music.

My parents wanted me to go to university so, for them I went to university, for me I chose universities in London so I could start to focus on my music. Here is where I found my first manager, started going studio & writing writing writing.

About 2 years into my move to London, I just didn’t want to be at university anymore, I was there for the wrong reasons so I left and decided to focus wholeheartedly on the music. My family are my biggest fans now!


Q: The first time we heard music from you was in 2015, with the song “Cool Waters” which received buzz from indie music platforms (such as this) – what was the experience of writing and releasing your first song like? – were you nervous?

A: Wow! Cool Water is still one of my faves actually but I’ve removed it from online.

With my first releases, I would just write in my room, so I have notebooks and notebooks filled with lyrics and ideas. I would take my lyric and melody ideas to a producer and they’d work their magic and make it into a song.

With my first EP (which is not available online anymore) I was still finding my sound and who I was as an artist so I feel it was incomplete and wasn’t synchronised or the best I could do, so I removed it. One song from my first EP is still online though.

Yes! I’m always nervous when it comes to releases and everything else.. I’m just a nervous person lol



Q: You followed that up with the release of your debut project Midnight Sounds. How did that project come about?

A: Yes, Cool Water was part of the Midnight Sound EP, which was released late 2015. I just wanted to release a body of work to be honest but again, I didn’t really understand my sound or where I was at musically so felt it was a bit rushed! I’ve removed it now!


Q: Around this time, London had been experiencing a new wave of artists, specifically in R&B, did you ever feel pressured into “fitting” the sound or did it influence you even more to get your music out there?

A: It definitely influenced me more to get out there.


Q: You followed up the project with a string of collaborations: “Playing for You” with producer Joe Hertz, “Boys with Guitars” ft. IshDARR & “Boys with Guitars” (Version 2) featuring Ms. Banks. Do you enjoy collaborating? Are there any artists you currently want to collab with?


A: Yes, I love collaborating. You can give two artists the same beat and the end results will sound completely different because each person adds their own personality and flavour so I love working with other people and hearing their ideas.

I would love to work with Beyoncé of course. Even just observing how she works, her creative process and learning her work ethic!


Q: Speaking of “Boys with Guitars” – what inspired you to release two versions? Did you specifically reach out to these artists for a collaboration?

A: Yes, we reached out to both and loved what both of them did on the track so release both versions.



Q: After “Boys with Guitars”, we were hit with “Bermuda” which we spoke about earlier.

If I’m correct, this is the first visual you’ve released to accompany your music. What was the process of recording a music video like?


A: It was fun! I whole different world to what I’m used to! I’m grateful to Bossy Ldn who curated the video, we based the video off of their mood board so it was really cool to see their mood board some to life at the shoot.

Jack A Bowden directed the video with his team, so it was just fun vibes and positive attitudes all around. Ash Halliburton was the creative direction and built the set as we went along so all scenes were shot in one studio and built on the day! It’s pretty amazing now that I look back on it.


Q: As someone who’s been active for around 3 years now, I’m curious to know what part about being an artist is the most gratifying?

A: I love when people cover my songs! Like wow, you liked it enough to learn the lyrics and make a cover video! I always love watching them and I love seeing dance choreography to my songs as well.

Also, I love hearing the final product. When ideas you’ve had in your head have come alive!


Q: What are some things you’ve learned since getting in this position? Are there any words of wisdom you can give aspiring musicians when it comes to patience, work ethic, etc.?

A: Accept help from others, teamwork makes things happen. Remember that you see the finished product, artists don’t expose the hard work, time & effort that goes into a release


Q: You’ve remained relatively quiet for 2018 but is there anything we should be excited for within the year – early next year?

A: Yes! I have a whole project coming out during the early parts of next year! it’s actually done, we just need to sprinkle some extra sauce on each track. We’ll have our next single out early next year!


Q: Is there anything you would like to tell your supporters?

A: There’s lots of new music coming, bangin!

If you enjoyed the interview and would like to hear some of the music featured:

Make sure to stay updated with Bassette: Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud