Meet English Pop Duo: Blessed. “Don’t just believe in your talents . . . work hard for your dream.

Meet Blessed – the South-East London sister duo that’s currently re-defining the sound of pop music. Although they only started a year ago (at least professionally) they have shown that they have what it takes to be successful in this industry. The music, the visuals, the authenticity – everything. Of course, you may read this and feel that I’m a little biased since I’ve mentioned the duo a number of times, but if you’ve listened to the music I’ve recommended – you’d understand why. I’m not a huge fan of pop or dance music for that matter – but I would definitely say Blessed made me have a open ear to the genre.

In this interview I got to speak with the sisters about how they remain consistent, a dream “third member” and much more!


Q: For those who may have not heard of your duo before would you both like to take the time to introduce yourselves?

Lauren: Hey, we are ‘Blessed’. I’m Lauren and this is my sister Georgia, we are from South-East London.

Via. Instagram.PNG
Georgia (Left), Lauren (Right)


Q: I know that you guys are sisters, is music something that you grew up around? Is there anyone else in your family who is musically inclined?

Lauren: Growing up we weren’t like the Jackson Five, all singing and dancing together, but our older brother is very talented, he can write, sing and was in a boy band.


Q: When you decided to become professional musicians did you have the support of your family? What kind of advice could you give someone who may not have support?

Georgia: We definitely had support and still do but we know too well the frustrations of pursuing a music career as naturally your parents worry for your future, as the industry is very difficult to break through.

As  for advice it’s super important that you don’t just believe in your talents but that you work hard for your dream. Surrounding yourself with other artists and musicians can be really uplifting and give you that extra bit of support that you may not have from family.



Q: Are there any qualities about each other that you admire?

Lauren: I admire Georgia’s kind heart, she’s so sympathetic & an amazing listener.  She gives the most mature advice. more mature than me haha.

Georgia: I admire how outgoing and fun Lauren is, she’s always up for having a great time and is always encouraging others to let go and have fun.


Q: You officially debuted with the song “My Yute” in early August 2017, were either of you nervous about how it would be received?

Lauren:  Yes, we was definitely nervous about releasing ‘My Yute’, as it was written with such lightheartedness, we didn’t want to come across as two ‘stooshy girls, especially being our first signed release. That’s why the visual was so important to us and Victor Kovachev (Videographer) did such an amazing job at bringing that fun element of the song to life.


Q: Since the song’s video release it has garnered over 90,000 views, how does it feel to know this many people enjoy your music?

Lauren: It’s amazing, it’s what every musician wants as it gives you justification that other people are loving what you do, or even if they don’t they are still intrigued.  


Q: Your EP, See Through All The Colours, was released in late August, do either of you have a favorite track off the project?

Georgia: We both love See Through All the Colours probably the most off that EP.


Blessed - See Through All the Colours


Q: Listening to the project it is noticeable that y’all cover a range of genres whether it be R&B in the song “Venom” or Moombahton (fusion genre of house music and reggaeton) in the songs “My Yute” and “See Through All the Colours”. With that being said, who are some of your music influences/inspirations?

Lauren: Growing up, Georgia was definitely a pop queen and I was more into 90’s/ 2000’s R&B. We are half Jamaican and although we don’t listen to much reggae, we are heavily influenced by the melodies/slang used not just in reggae music but in Jamaican culture in general. That’s definitely why there is a sense of genre fusion.


Q: Do you write your own music? Are you open to collaborating with other singers/songwriters?

Lauren: Yes we write our own music and have collaborated with songwriters on some of our tracks. I think it was important for us to work more or less on our own on our first project, and then on our Howlin Ep we have worked a bit more with other writers. We have definitely learnt that you can’t do it solely alone as you grow so much more with working with others. We are always up for working with people in the Future.



Q: Are there any current artists that you guys like listening to?

Lauren: We are both really loving Kamille, we have not stopped listening to her My Head’s A Mess EP. Lotto Boys, H.E.R, Masego and A Boogie wit da Hoodie.



Q: If you had the option to become a trio w/ any other artist of your liking (could be mainstream); who would it be and why?

Lauren: I would choose Raye, I just love how real she seems and looks like she would be jokes to be around.

Georgia: Mine would be Bebe Rexha, she’s an amazing songwriter, great energy and would add some supper sass to the band.



Q: If you had the chance to open up a tour for one artist, who would it be?

Georgia: We’ve been getting a lot of love from with Harmony fans, so probably them. I think we could also learn a lot from them performance wise as they are sick.


Blessed - Howlin


Q: Even though you released your debut project over the summer, in December you released another project Howlin’. With all of this new music coming out are there any big plans for 2018?

Lauren:  Yes we are constantly creating music, we feel it’s really important to be consistent. As we are constantly evolving and changing and we want people to be on that journey with us. So 2018 you can definitely expect to here much more music and hopefully some collaborations.  



Q: If I were introducing your music to someone, what song would you recommend I play them?

Lauren: I would say ‘Howlin’ its off our ‘Howlin’ Ep that dropped on the 8th of December.

Georgia: & I would say ‘Fire It Up’ which is also off our ‘Howlin’ EP.



Q: What do you think is the hardest thing about being in the entertainment industry in general; Do you feel you’re prepared to become a public figure?

Georgia: I guess we won’t fully know until we are in the public eye, but I feel we are prepared and we have each other. Today it’s not just about the music, there’s a million other things to do (social media etc.) so finding the balance can be quite hard but i think we are finding it.



Q: Do you have any lifetime goals, you’d like to reach — specifically having to do with music?

Lauren: We’d love for music to take us around the world, meeting fans. Can’t wait till we sell out tours and make more music people connect with. We are just ready to take any opportunity that comes our way.



Q: Do you think you’ve found your core audience yet? Who do you think they are?

Georgia: Haha I really don’t think we have, At the moment it seems very mixed, maybe as we release more we will start to see an emerging audience. But we’ve had a few teenagers reach out to us giving us their support, a lot have been boys which has been really nice to see them relating to our sound and being vocal about it.



Q: There are a lot of people who will follow in your footsteps, do you have any advice to those aspiring artists?

Lauren: Like Gee said before, believing in you dreams but putting in a lot of hard work. Networking & be patient. There will be many testing moments but you will get through the other side, and end up doing something you love for a living.



Q: Last but not least, is there anything you want to tell your supporters?

Georgia: Thank you all soo much! We promise 2018 we have a lot more coming, that we know you’re going to love. We hope you stay on this journey with us and continue to show love! Follow us on all socials @Thisisblessed, we want to hear from you all!! We love you guys!


To stay updated with Blessed make sure to follow them on: Twitter, Instagram

To listen to their debut ep See Through All the Colours click here.

To listen to their latest ep Howlin’ click here.

To watch their music video for Howlin’ click here.

New Music: London Based

For the past few years, London has gradually become a hub for new influencers – especially in music. With artists like Ms. Banks and Kojo Funds gaining success overseas, 2017 seems like a great year to cross over for our European influencers. I’ve compiled a list of artists who have grabbed my attention recently; some who’ve been featured before.


Via. Instagram


Mentioned for the second time on this site, meet the incredible South-East London sister-duo Blessed. Since launching their career in early 2017, the duo has been noticed by sources like Clash and Kalbut Magazine(s). Not only are the pair versatile, they are consistent which is surely an impressive quality for any artist to have. Having released their first two projects in a span of four months there’s no question on if  the duo will experience success and international fame, it’s a matter of when.

Similar Artists: Amelia Payne, Liana Banks

Make sure to listen to both of their projects: See Through All the Colours EPHowlin EP

To listen to their latest single “Howlin'” click here

Also, to stay updated follow them on: Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud


Lyves is by far one of my favorite voices coming out of London right now. Having dabbled in music for the last two years, it came as a pleasant surprise when her debut project Like Water was released in January 2017. The project has received praise from sources like HighClouds, Pigeons & Planes, and Pilerats — all of them noting how great of a debut this was. Lyves voice is nothing short of captivating, singing lyrics of heartbreak, fear, and emotions everyone can relate to.

Similar Artists: Abi Ocia, Cosima

To listen to her debut project Like Water click here.

To listen to her single Darkest Hour click here.

Abi Ocia (2)Abi Ocia

Abi is another captivating vocalist to come out of London in the last few years. She’s only released 3 songs (as of yet) but I am especially hopeful to see what the future has in store for her. Since her debut in 2016 she has accumulated over 120,000 plays on her music from SoundCloud alone. As a fan of both alternative and r&b music listening to Abi gives me the best of both words which can be seen, well — heard, in her songs Konfyt and Running.

Similar Artists: Jones, Trace, Bobi Andov, Lyves

To stay updated with Abi follow her on: Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter



Have any of you ever been on YouTube and clicked on a video but instead of the video playing and ad pops up? That’s basically how I found this artist. Avelino, a Tottenham native has been described as “one of the UK’s most outspoken, upfront young talents“. He’s been active for around a decade but he gained popularity around 2014 with the release of his second mixtape Iconic Ambition. Since then he has released his debut ep, FYO, as well as his latest project No Bullshit (which I’ve mentioned previously) which is lead with the single U Can Stand Up/Royals.

Similar Artists: J Hus, Not3s, Abra Cadabra

To keep updated with Avelino: Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud’

Make sure to listen to his latest single: 1 In A Million



I’ve known Taliwhoah for around two years and in that time she has been consistent in releasing quality music, each one better than the last. If you want to know more about Taliwhoah I would recommend you read the interview I did with her back in late 2016 (click here). — Taliwhoah is another one of those versatile artists who sound amazing no matter which genre.

If you are an avid PBR&B/Alternative R&B fan, I would recommend you listen to her debut project Melodies of Madness If you like funk/psychedelic music I would recommend you listen to her song FunkIf you enjoy R&B/Reggae I would recommend Alright (Genre: Baile Funk) as well as one of her latest songs Details.

—The point is, she has music that will cater to everyone while staying true to who she is as an artist.

When I interviewed her back in 2016 I asked her if she had any plans for 2017 and she alluded to something but wouldn’t give any details. It seems that what she alluded to was her being on radio shows all year including in studio performances on The Vibe Jam Sessions & Soulmate Selections, and releasing her second project New Wave Order Vol. 1 (just to name a few things)

To listen to her latest single Meds (Genre: Pop) click here.

To listen to her newest project click here.

To stay updated with Taliwhoah make sure to follow her on: Twitter, Instagram

Meet Canadian R&B Songstress: Staasia Daniels. “I don’t believe there’s a blueprint for success.”

If you’ve been keeping up with the site you know Wednesday’s are reserved for artists based outside of the U.S. I’ve got a lot in store for you readers specifically when it comes to international music but the first artist I wanted to introduce you to is Staasia Daniels.

If you know me (or if you’ve noticed every other artist I posted thus far), you already know that I am an avid fan of R&B music. If you listen to artists such as H.E.R, Janine, and SiR — I would seriously consider you add Staasia to your list.

In this interview I got the chance to discuss with the Toronto native about her projects, performing, and where she sees her career in the future.






Q: For the readers who may not be aware of who you are and what you do, would you like to introduce yourself?

A: Hola, I go by the name of Staasia Daniels. I am an artist/entertainer who is sleepless in Toronto. I create how I feel, while I heal, and hope that those who have ears will hear, and those who can feel, will feel. Vibe & feel.




Q: When did you first discover your love for music?

A: Oh man! I’m not sure of what age exactly, but my mother says it started around age 5ish. I vaguely remember hearing Whitney Houston, Shabba Ranks, Bee Gees and so much more growing up and it just… idk, it does something on the inside of me that is indescribable.



Q: Is music a career your family supported? What kind of advice would you give someone who may not have that support?

A: My music career is 100% supported by my family, my mom & sisters come to my shows often, and I am grateful! To those who may not have their families support, from observation, I can tell it hurts, but they just don’t understand it because we can be doing this for so long and not see a penny. Use that as motivation to keep working and know that they WILL come along.



Q: Are there any artists that made you want to become a singer? If so, what about them attracted you to being an entertainer?

A: There isn’t a specific artist that made me realize I wanted to be singer, I just knew I wanted to be one. I didn’t really discover the difference between an entertainer and a singer ‘til much much later in life.

I remember auditioning for a showcase and not being able to move due to being so nervous, I couldn’t even release a steady note. Through practice and gaining confidence I was able to then sing steady notes, but I couldn’t move, and it was just boring to me to walk back and forth singing. I have so much personality off stage, I wanted to show that, but I didn’t really know how!

Anyways, I remember watching female & male R&B groups not just performing, but entertaining their audience through dance etc. The experience I felt is what I wanted to give people when I hit the stage. I’ve come far, but still have a long way to go. hahahaha.



Q: If you had the chance to collaborate with any artist who would it be (and why)?

A: I really want to work with Pharrell. I feel like he can make sense of my vague ideas and bring something out of me I don’t even know is there!



Q: You happen to be from Toronto, Canada where an abundance of talent has come from in recent years; is there anyone from there that you would want to work with in the future?

A: Yasssss, S/O to ALL Toronto creatives, especially the hardworking women! There isn’t anyone specific that I’d like to work with, just anyone passionate, anyone talented, and anyone willing to work with me.



Q: The first time we heard you was back in 2014 with the release of “Back To The Basics” — were you nervous about how it would be received?

A: Hahaha, Back To Basics, was a remix/cover to Bas ft J. Cole “My Nigga Just Made Bail” It was a random, free Wednesday night freestyle. My first original song was entitled “Tonight (iLike)” omg, a pop song! I’m crying!




Q: Skip to August 2016 and the release of your first EP Hidden Gems is released, earning over 60,000 plays in total; Does it surprise you to know how many people take the time to appreciate your music?

A: 60,000 really? Dang, not to bad for a nobody like me! I am so grateful to know that people were not only listening to it, but it was anticipated by many. People I didn’t even know! I still get messages saying “ You’re album is still on repeat!” I am so humbled, so so so humbled. Wow.



Q: Do you have a personal favorite off the EP? If so, which song and why?

A: My favourite changes every time, but right now, I’d say my favs are a tie between WYL & Never Fade.

WYL” because it’s the organic sound that actually LOVE to sing on. Although 90’s and modern day R&B is dopetastic, there’s so much of the same feeling, same vibe floating around. That nostalgic instruments feeds me in a different way.

Never Fade”, because it exudes the feels naturally. Brings me back to 90s R&B when verses were filled with Love and passion, and 90’s music will always be dopetastic! My addition to it just makes it all better. We’re coming up on 3 years since I released that song and it STILL knocks, and still has the crowd, and STILL makes me cry.



Q: With every song you create is it harder to remain creative? Do you go “we’ll see how it goes” or “it can’t be any less than perfect”?

A: That’s a great question! I wouldn’t say it’s “harder” to remain creative, but it’s always like “ok SD, say something different than the last one” or “Give a different perspective” but sometimes it doesn’t always work that way, because in reality, like many, I’ve gone through some of the same bullshit over and over and over again.



Q: The same year you also got the chance to perform at TDot Fest and Atlanta’s A3C festival, how was that experience?

A: Performing is always spectacular. and when it’s out of the city/country it’s oodles of fun and a shocker at the same time! These people don’t know who you are, yet they give out so much love and crowd participation!

1+2 EP

Q: In 2017, you released three songs followed by your sophomore project “1+2” . — Do you feel that in order to be successful an artist needs to be consistent? If so, what do you think is the importance of consistency?

A: I don’t believe there’s a blueprint for success. You can be consistent for 6 months and something pops off for you, it can also take you 3 years of consistency to pop off. It’s so unknown!

For me, the importance of consistency is also in the art of letting go of material. I need to take a lot more no’s that’ll lead to my yes and just put out music I believe in. I have pockets of consistency, but not necessarily enough, in my eyes, which is due to lack of resources, but… it’s not going to stop me.


Q: Going into this latest EP was the process different from that during the creation of Hidden Gems? Was it easier to write for this project? Did you suffer a creative block?

A: The 1+2 EP wasn’t much different at all, but it was harder because I only wanted 3 songs on it yet I had so many just sitting.

Moretimes” was supposed to be on the EP to follow, but I made changes to it, and decided to package it with the other two. I always create/record songs for the sake of staying creative and keep juices flowing to ensure no creative blocks occur.


Q: What kind of advice could you give someone looking to start a career in music? What are some lessons you’ve learned since you’ve started?

A: My advice to ANYONE looking to start ANYTHING, is super cliche, but it’s so real… put yourself on when ‘the people’ won’t. There is no such things as “the right time” so create it, and once you get rolling, be prepared to be consistent. If everyone around you likes everything you do, you’ve gotta switch it up. Do everything you think you should do.


Q: If you had the chance to decide when you started your career (ex: specific decade, time in music) would you?

A: As amazing as this sounds, idk that I’d want to choose or even toy with that. Why? Because everything that has happened to me, as aggravating and gut punching as the struggle has been, it’s made me who I am. It’s allowed me to grow and bring things out of me I never thought I could. I used to listen to so many wrong people telling me how I should sound, and how I should sing that I just, wasn’t happy but- it had to happen.



Q: The internet has allowed people from all over the world to interact and be influenced by each other. Where would you be shocked to hear that people listen to your music?

A: I’m shocked whenever people in Dubai message me on IG discovering my music, it’s so amazing but it’s definitely the goal.


Q: When you look back on your career in 20-30 years; what career highlights would you like to achieve?

A: 20-30 years is a loooooong time! I know that things need to happen in stages so I’ll just list a few things. Top 10 billboard charting project, Top 5 billboard charting, and a Number 1 billboard album.

Writing for several established artists new & old. Opening my foundation for little Black girls. Grammy nods, Grammy Best New Artist winner (hahaha) Joining an established successful artist tour, going on tour with my label mates. Put- jeez, so much, I’ll stop there. hahaha


Q: Should we be prepared for anything in 2018?

A: Be prepared for EVERYTHING! I am no longer holding back on the things I’ve been so afraid to do. For years I’ve wanted to dress a certain way, do a certain style, write certain lyrics etc. It’s uncomfortable, but I like it! I am going through a transition, so don’t be confused by it. Art doesn’t always have to “make sense” you just need to FEEL something. I’m emptying out what I have and it’ll lead me to where…. well, we’ll see.


Q: Last but not least, is there anything you want to tell your supporters?

A: For those of who who have been around, I am so grateful, thank you! I love you! You are super important to me, and always will be! You help us unknown indie artists be recognized by curators, labels, blogs etc. To the new supporters/fans whenever you come across a song you like, please don’t hesitate to share it and let us know. The people need to know that other people care about what we do.

2017 pt. II

Before I start, I just want to thank everyone who has visited the site since it’s launch earlier in the week. If you’ve read the first part of this 2017 series, you already know what to expect (if you are new to the site click here to read part one). Although I have yet to receive any negative feedback, it was pointed out to me that out of all the music I shared, only four of them were from guys (yes, it was a guy who pointed this out). Unfortunately, that may be a reoccurring problem since 90% of the music I listen to are females who have yet to be acknowledged by the industry BUT – fair is fair. . .

I’ve decided that I will in fact, give both sexes the same amount of attention on both this site and my real life and make sure everyone has something (or someone) they can gravitate to.

NOW! Before I start, I will note, it is Wednesday therefore the artists that are being posted are not (currently) based in the United States.

Category I : Favorite Debuts



Blessed (South-East London)

  • Genre: Pop
  • Similar Artists:
  • Notable Songs: Howlin’, My Yute, Pride
  • Debut Project: See Through the Colours (released August 17, 2017)
  • Latest Project: Howlin’ (released December 8, 2017)




  • Genre: R&B
  • Similar Artists: Ty Dolla $ign, Kalin White
  • Notable Songs: Twenty Ten


Category II: Favorite Projects


Millic (South Korea)

  • Title: VIDA
  • Released: July 10, 2017
  • Genre(s): K-Pop, Alternative, R&B
  • Standout Song(s): Paradise (Korean), You (feat. TA-KU)



Villette Dasha (Auckland, New Zealand)

  • Title: Drip Crimson
  • Released: December 15, 2017
  • Genre(s): R&B
  • Similar Projects: Sabrina ClaudioAbout Time, Janine – XXEP
  • Standout Song(s): Stronger


Category III – Favorite Singles



Avelino (North London)

Only Love

Wafia (Perth, Australia)

  • Song Title: Only Love
  • Released: December 14, 2017
  • Genre: Pop, R&B
  • Off the Project: VIII (to be released 1/18/18)