The Eenah x Sahar Collaboration

Although I’ve never had an exquisite taste in fashion, I will say this is the year I paid more attention to it. For whatever reason, 2018 is the year my interest in fashion, especially my interest in fashion brands developed by those of color.

I’ve always been someone who wanted to spend to spend money in my own community and with brands like MATTE BRAND by Briana Shanee & Adriana Sahar Shop by Adriana Sahar, thankfully more people are starting to think that way as well.



I give these two spotlight, because these two real life friends have been able to take the industry by storm getting attention from outlets like the Fader (Matte Brand) and Galore Mag (Adriana Sahar) and today they are collaborating for their first ever runway show tonight!

In the midst of New York Fashion Week, this is an amazing opportunity and collaboration for both designers. Whereas I view Briana’s Matte, as clothing I would want to wear when I’m feeling soft and vibrant, I look as Adriana’s as the type I would want when I’m feeling edgy and spontaneous. Regardless, I’m excited to see how it will look on the runway!

If you’re interested in looking at their clothing lines, as well as a couple others I have found through the year continue scrolling:

  • Matte by Briana Shanee (Apparel, Swimwear)
  • Adriana Sahar by Adriana Sahar (Accessories, Apparel)
  • Pink Plastic Babez by Aurum Amare (Accessories, Apparel, Swimwear, Outerwear)
  • LacebyTanaya by Tanaya Henry (Jewelry, Skincare)
  • Mars by Lyjerria (Accessories, Apparel, Swimwear)
  • Vidakush by Rhianna Cooper (Jewelry, Accessories)

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