Meet Upcoming Singer/Songwriter: Hadar Adora. “If anyone ever wants to really know what’s going on, just listen to my words.”

In today’s interview I got the chance to speak with upcoming pop artist Hadar Adora. If you are a longtime reader of Arcane, than this name may sound familiar and that’s because I’ve mentioned her before. When the site debuted, Hadar was one of the many upcoming artists I recommended all music lovers should be on the lookout for throughout this year. It seems my excitement for her career was was not in vain because not only has she released more music, but she plans to release her project very soon.

Hadar is far from a normal pop artist, dabbling in genres such as reggae, acoustic, and r&b, every genre sounding perfect for her. I had the pleasure of speaking to her about her musical background, her latest single “Incommunicado” and much more!

Enjoy …

Q: Before we start, would you like to introduce yourself to the readers?

A: Yes of course, my name is Hadar Adora and I am 22 years old. I grew up in New York and moved to Florida around 2014. I have been writing and singing my whole life, as both of my parents are musicians.  


Q: Now, I’ve mentioned you on the site before but I was not sure what kind of artist to call you because you are still new – So, how would you describe your sound?

A: First, thank you for the support. It’s difficulty to place myself in a genre because I consider myself very versatile. If I had to, I would classify myself as a blend of pop, & r&b, but it depends on my moods and what’s influencing me at the moment.


Q: Since you are a new artist, I must ask – did you have any fears/concerns about putting yourself out there?

A: Absolutely not. This is what I want to do. Be there with you and make sure you know I FEEL you. I don’t really talk about my feelings or what I went through or am going through. I put it all in my music. If anyone ever wants to really know what’s going on, just listen to my words. I just want people to feel like they are not alone through any and everything.

Q: Is music a career you always saw yourself pursuing?

A: It’s never even been a question. This was always the plan and everyone around me was always aware of it as well. This is what I was put here for.


Q: Were there any artists growing up that influenced the type of music you would eventually create?

A: Yes I love Janis Joplin and Freddie Mercury, Jim Morrison, Phil Collins, Aretha Franklin and The Temptations and many more. The rawness in their voices and their words were always ones I went back to..and they’ve guided my style.

Q: Now, you debuted in October with the song “I Can Do Anything”. What were some of the emotions you experienced leading up to your debut?

A: I knew the potential of the record and I was confident in it. I was excited but anxious. Excited because I’ve been waiting and wanting to share my music with the world, but then anxious because as my debut song, I didn’t know what to really expect.


Q: How did you come up with the idea for the song?

A: I was collaborating with some producers and when that beat was being made, I freestyled the melody and everyone was moving to it. It was such an engaging melody that no one could ignore. Made me feel good inside. The lyrics just flowed and it came together. I Can Do Anything was made from love to empower all of us.


Q: You followed this song up with “Flowers” and “Let Me Know” – all three songs sounding drastically different from each other. Which song do you feel best fits who you are as an artist?

A: There isn’t any one song that I can choose..all my songs vary from one another. They aren’t about the same thing, so the passion is the same, but the message is not. Flowers is about the pressures we face to be and look a certain way by society, feeling alone in my existence. Let Me Know is about the present and the past, how you got here and the fact that you did..wherever that may be.


Q: You’re latest song “Incommunicado” was released in late March. Can you explain what the song is about for those who have yet to hear it?

A: Incommunicado is a conversation everyone has had in their life or will have. It’s a: damn, should I or shouldn’t I answer? Should I see them, should I go even though I know the outcome will remain the same? I was dealing with an extremely unclear situation, no proper communication and guessing and assuming everything for a year of my life. This song isn’t meant to help you figure that situation out or provide a happy ending. I’m just telling you, whoever’s ear I’m in, that I am dealing with that too. It’s so confusing and I’d rather you weren’t confused alone.


Q: You also released a video for the song, your first, if I’m not mistaken – how was that experience?

A: I’ve done a few music videos but this is really the first that has to do with my upcoming project. It was a good experience and for sure a  learning one. I realized how much detail goes into creating even a simplistic video. Each thing I create will teach me and make me better for the next thing I work on.

Q: Do you still have plans to release the ep sometime this month? What should we expect on this project?

A: We’re actually going to release it in June now. You should expect versatility and emotion. I like to speak through my music. I enjoy pouring out all of me into melodies and words. I talk about emotional distress, confusion, conversations with myself about matters of the heart and mind. I bring you up and down. I think the best music and projects always tug at your heartstrings and make you go on a ride of up and downs.


Q: Are there any features/collaborations or is it all you?

A: All me for the most part..I have some background vocals on a few tracks.


Q: Did you write all the content on this project / did you collaborate with other writers?

A: I think every great song has the help of a few minds. I collaborated with a few writers, as well as my team always give me constructive criticism and of course help. I always need someone to say, “hey, maybe this should be that,” or “what if you said something more like this,” or a plain and simple, “that’s trash” which always motivates me! I believe all of the greatest artists are great because of the help and ideas and influence of those they surround themselves with.


Q: Are there any artists you listened to for inspiration while creating this project?

A: Yes and no. I had just discovered and was listening to a lot of A.chal but mostly I was really concentrated on creating a sound for myself that I was happy with. I wanted to be as original as possible. The next project though I will definitely listen to more music throughout my process.


Q: Is there anyone you want to collaborate with in the future? Dream collaboration?

A: Dream collab is with Kendrick or Kanye. It will happen. Definitely have always wanted to work with Timbaland, Dre and The Dream produce wise.

Q: There are a lot of aspiring artists in the world and a lot of them may feel that they will never get recognized or their work will never be appreciated; what advice would you give those people?

A: I always say this; the only people who never made it, are the ones who gave up because it was too hard or lost their passion for it.


Q: What are some of your hopes for 2018?

A: My hope for the rest of 2018 is to find more inspiration. I want to write about different types of love and issues people are scared to talk about or feel uncomfortable discussing. My hope is to become a better artist. But that’s also my goal for my whole life. Also, to perform live, consistently.


Q: Is there anything you want to say to your supporters?
A: I love you. You’re my world. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t care to do this. I would make music for myself only. But the fact that I affect people just makes me feel whole. The world can be so ugly and makes me want to run and hide, but knowing I make people less scared and see less of that ugly side of life or at least make them feel brave enough to face it..that’s my purpose. And that’s why I’m on this path. So thank you.

To stay updated with Hadar, make sure to follow her on: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Be sure to check out her latest single “Incommunicado

If you’re interested in hearing more music by her be sure to follow her on Soundcloud.

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