Meet Upcoming Pop Trio: Lalibelle. “Our vision for Lalibelle is to break patterns and take a stand …”

In this interview we get a glimpse of Sweden’s newest talent – pop trio Lalibelle. Since their debut in February the group (composed of Bogale, Landén and Collin) has been working restlessly to spread their name throughout their hometown of Skövde (city in Sweden). In this interview I got the chance to speak with them about their beginnings, how they met what led to Lalibelle. Their first song, “Balance” has already accumulated over 5,000 plays alone and been shared by YouTube music channels such as Chill Therapy, solidifying their place in music. If you are a fan of genres like electronic, indie pop – make sure to listen to Balance after reading the interview!

Enjoy 🙂


Q: Before we begin, would you like to introduce yourselves?

A: We are three friends and Lalibelle is what we call this project. Our names are Bogale, Collin & Landén and we have very different musical backgrounds. Through lots of experimenting and songwriting we landed in something that can be described as meditative breezy pop combined with personal lyrics.

Q: I know that you guys are friends, how did you all meet? (Did it start as a music relationship or were you all friends before starting this venture?)

A: Me (Bogale) & Collin met at the age of 16, we both had a passion for music and during high school we used to perform at a local bar to earn some extra money. After some time we got tired of always playing covers and instead we started improvising and realized that we could come up with great ideas together.

Later, Collin started musical projects together with Mikael Landén and since we’re all from the same small town in Sweden and often met at Colin’s place, it was obvious we had to try to make music together.

Q: Your first single “Balance” was released in February. How was the process of creating the song?

A: During the spring of 2017 we locked ourselves in at Collin’s apartment to write music. We planned to stay for 3 days but ended up spending 10 days together. It was like therapy for all of us and Balance was the last track we made before getting out of the apartment. We were all drained and had a sentimental mood so Balance came naturally. It took us about 15 minutes to write it, but we spent a lot of time to experiment with the production afterwards.

Q: For those who have yet to hear it, can you briefly explain what the song is about?

A: “Balance” is like a quiet conversation with mental illness that slowly takes the good things away.It’s about the ups and downs in life and a reminder of that nothing is in vain since every experience strengthens us.


Q: Do you remember your family / friend’s reactions the first time they heard the song?

A: They were touched by Balance and afterwards they were all singing along: Help, guidance, need balance…


Q: Have they (family / friends) been supportive of your careers thus far?

A: Both yes and no.



Q: Although you guys are relatively new to the industry, do you know what direction you want to go in with your music? (The message you want to convey, the audience you want to reach)

A: Our vision for Lalibelle is to break patterns and take a stand in themes such as mental illness among other often overlooked societal issues. We’re also hope to bring something new to the table in today’s pop music sound.


Q: Who are some of the artists you tend to gravitate to, at least when it comes to finding inspiration / ideas?

A: We’re all very open minded when it comes to sources of inspiration and try not to limit ourselves in any way. We’re also coming from very different musical background so our common playlists could probably be a bit confusing. Before a writing session it’s likely that we listen to anything from Bon Iver, SZA, Erykah Badu, Bob Marley to Paul Simon and lots of west African music. What we have in common is gravitation towards music with some soul in it.

Q: Are there any musicians you want to collaborate with in the future?

A: Careful what you wish for, but we wouldn’t think twice about having a session with Little Dragon, Jorja Smith and Chronixx.

Q: Imagine you had the chance to open up for one current artist right now, who do you think your sound would mesh with (as of right now)?

A: We would love to surprise the fans of AC/DC and get them grooving with us – what an experience that would be!


Q: Speaking of shows, y’all are performing at Öland Roots 2018 this summer. What are your expectations? Are you nervous?

A: We are so excited about playing at Öland Roots. Not nervous now but it’s definitely a milestone for us all so will need some stress-coping mechanisms before going up on the stage.


Q: Are there any places y’all would like to travel in order to promote your music?

A: Addis Abeba and New York 🙂 Balance seems to stream a lot in the Philippines so maybe we should reach out to the fans there first.

Q: Where do you think you would be the most shocked to find out there’s people listening to your song(s)?

A: Hmm. The international space station maybe. If anyone there is listening, let us know!

Q: Because Lalibelle is a trio, it’s only expected that sometimes there may be creative differences / personality clashes, at times. What are some qualities you admire about each other? Why do you think Lalibelle has worked so far?

A: We’re all very musically open-minded and believe that all ideas are great ideas when creating. At later stages of the process we often try to get feedback from people around us  and sometimes that helps us make some of the final decisions. Don’t think we ever got into any big fights and the secret to that is to have very clear roles and great trust in each other.

Q: What should we expect from Lalibelle in 2018?

A: Our plan is to release 4 more tracks this year so there’s some exciting things ahead.

Q: Is there anything you would like to tell your supporters?

A: We’re so thankful! It was a scary thing to release such a naked song and to see that it’s so well received means the world to us.

Be sure to listen to their debut single “Balance” by clicking here.

If you want to stay updated about future music releases or upcoming performances make sure to follow them on: SoundCloud and Facebook

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