DaVionne. “. . . There is something about releasing your music, It’s like sharing a piece of your soul to the world. . . ”

In today’s interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with upcoming singer/songwriter Davionne. At only 18 years old, it’s not only enjoyable, but admirable to witness the amount of talent and growth she has showcased since her debut in 2015. It seems she can only go up from here and we (Arcane that is . . . ) will be here to support her along the way. I got the chance to speak with her about her journey from the beginning until now, her creative process, and much more.

Read Below for full interview:


Q: Before we begin, would you like to introduce yourself to the readers?

A: Yes! My name is DaVionne, and I’m an 18 year old creative from Augusta, Georgia. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity, I hope you and the readers learn a bit more about me and my craft! 


Q: How would you describe your “sound” for those who have yet to hear your music?

A: I would describe my sound as extremely unique in every sense of the word! If I could describe it, I’d say I’m R&B mixed with some folk undertones. Although I don’t listen to folk, I do play the guitar and it heavily influences my music at times! I try to mesh Guitar and R&B/Hip-Hop to create a brand new sound.

DaVionne 01.JPG


Q: You’re still very young, did you always have dreams to become an entertainer?

A: I’ve been singing for the majority of my life, but I didn’t get serious about music until late last year. Because I’m a senior in highschool, I’m constantly surrounded by talks of college and people mapping out their future. I didn’t know what I wanted to do and I didn’t want to go to college with no plan and waste money but more importantly, I didn’t want to waste time. Time is extremely precious, and you only have a set amount, so I just decided to spend my time doing something I’m good at and love!



Q: Is this a career choice your family supported or did it take a little persuasion to get them on board?

A: I have an extremely supportive family, they love music and they love me! I just want to make them proud and make their life a little easier.



Q: How has your journey (from debut until now) been thus far? (Exciting / Nerve-wracking)

A: From the beginning, I’ve always known that this music is my calling. But there is something about releasing your music, It’s like sharing a piece of your soul to the world, so that’s always nerve-wracking! But I have amazing supporters and I’ve grown tremendously! I look forward to a promising future as well!



Q: Your “journey” started a little over three years ago when you released the song “He’s Got Me”. Do you remember the feeling you got once you released it for the world to hear?

A: That song was a huge step for me at that level, because I had never release any official music before so I was super nervous! I remember checking my amount of streams every 20 minutes! I’ve grown a lot since then.



Q: Are there any words of encouragement you could give to artists who may want to start their career, but are afraid of how they’ll be received?

A: I’d say to go for it! As I mentioned earlier, time is an extremely important factor because we only have a limited amount! It would be terrible to be at the end of your life looking back, and seeing all the opportunities you missed because you were fearful. There’s this quote that I love and it says “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. I’d also say that the music you make should be first for yourself, don’t ever let the opinions of others sway your confidence!



Q: After this, you continued releasing songs such as “Count On You”, “My Everything”, and “Hold Me Down” – what has helped you stay consistent throughout your career?

A: I believe my will to succeed plays a huge role in my consistency. Also, I believe the more you create, the better you get! My fanbase also keeps me motivated.



Q: With every song you’ve created thus far does it get a little hard to remain creative?

A: Nope! Of course I have my moments of creative drought, but for the most part, I get better with each song!



Q: Do you write all of your music yourself? Are there any songwriting tips you could lend out?

A: Yes! I write all of my music. I often imagine myself in different situations and think about how I would react or carry myself in that moment. I would say to anyone writing their own music that it’s okay to draw from other people’s experiences and create the perfect song. It’s also okay and normal to experience “Writer’s Block”. The last thing you want to do is force a song and end up with a song that is not your best. When you experience a creative drought, surround yourself with creativity and lots of inspiration!



Q: Your songs are generally about love / relationships – do you some (if not all) of your inspiration from personal experiences?

A: Most of my lyrics stem from personal experiences. I do, however, write about situations that I haven’t been through. I understand the importance of connecting with my audience, so sometimes I write about life situations in general.



Q: Are there any artists who give you inspiration / influence your music?

A: I don’t listen to the type of music that I sing, I listen to a lot of African music and Rap, both of which I don’t make. I try to stay true my voice and follow my own path when it comes to my sound! I take pride in originality and I think that plays a part in my music choice as well.



Q: Are there any artists you want to work with in the future?

A: Yes!! I have a whole list! But a few are: J.I.D, Jhene Aiko, Young Thug, and Ty Dolla $ign.


DaVionne - ILY.JPG

Q: Your latest song “ILY” was released mid-February, can you briefly explain what the song is about? What is the inspiration behind the song?

A: Yes, this song was a complete freestyle, so it truly came from my heart. I was basically talking about my love for someone and how they should appreciate me. It was honestly sooo fun to record. It was produced by Lelynd Darkes, an amazing producer based in DC. When he sent it to me I KNEW we had a hit! It’s also my first song released on all major platforms so that exciting as well!



Q: Out of all the music you’ve released thus far, which 2-3 songs would you recommend someone to fully grasp who you are as an artist?

A: I’d recommend “Hold Me Down” and “ILY” because they expose two completely different sides of me and the way I make music !



Q: Should we expect to hear more music from you throughout the year?

A: Yes! I am set to release my first EP in April of this year! You can always check my soundcloud for cover and unofficial releases though!


Q: Is there anywhere you hope your music reaches / you get a fan-base by the end of 2018?

A: I would hope to get my music overseas. But honestly, before the year is over, I’d hope to be well known throughout the US!



Q: Is there anywhere you want to be able to travel and promote your music?

A: Yes! I’d love to visit the United Kingdom, Cali, and New York!



Q: What are some of your goals for 2018?

A: Before the end of the year, I hope to open for a major artist and see my EP’s success exceed my expectations!



Q: Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to your supporters?
A: I’d like to say thank you. I know it’s cliche, but It’s my supporters that are the fuel that keep me going! I promise to keep on growing and improving! And also thank you to you, for having me! Love and blessings!

To stay updated with Davionne be sure to follow her on: Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter

Make sure to listen to her latest release “ILY” which can be found on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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