Meet Upcoming Pop Vocalist: SITA. “I’m driven by the desire to create art.”

Today, we get the chance to speak with upcoming pop singer, Sita. Sita knows a thing or two about to how to succeed in this industry because for one, she’s been in it for a while. Getting her start as an intern, she’s understands what it takes to be in this industry. I got the chance to speak with her about her journey thus far, being an independent artist, and much more!

Read below for full interview:


Q: Before we begin, would you like to introduce yourself to the readers?

A: Hi I’m Sita. I am a singer-songwriter from NYC and currently live in Nashville. I love the sun, reading, traveling, and I can’t sleep without socks on.



Q: I read somewhere that you’ve been interested in the Arts – specifically music, since you were a child, is this a career you’ve always wanted to be a part of – or was it more a hobby / pastime that developed into something more?

A: I always knew that music would be a part of my future, and envisioned myself singing professionally since I was three. I love singing and making music, so I have actively and intentionally pursued it throughout my life.



Q: When you initially began writing / recording music – did you have the support of your inner circle? (family / friends / peers)

A: I was lucky to have a supportive family. Although extremely critical, my mom and dad did show me that they were rooting for me and there for me if I ever needed them.



Q: Are there any tips / words of advice you could offer aspiring artists who may be too afraid to start their career in an industry as competitive as music?

A: I’ve found that in general, one should never let fear determine your course of action. If something motivates and fuels you, then by all means, go for it. Life is too short to not engage in something that brings you happiness, regardless of the outcome. I make music and sing because I enjoy the artistic process…not for fame or a fattened bank account or to prove myself to peers.



Q: Since this industry is a tad “competitive” what do you think sets you apart from other musicians?

A: Well, there is SO much music readily available these days. So, I try to create soundscapes that I find unique, when combined with my vocals. I would like to think that I bring listeners to a soulful place in a smooth way.



Q: I know some of the artists you feel are in a lane of their own include: Jessie Ware, Kimbra, and Kevin Garrett. What are some qualities you feel set them apart?

A: Each one of these artist’s music brings such vivid imagery. Their choice of unconventional instrumentation under soulful melodies is what I am personally drawn to, and I feel sets them apart.



Q: Would you ever collaborate with these artists if you had the chance? Do you happen to have any dream collaborations?

A: Yes! I would love to collaborate with any and all of them. Frank Ocean would be another artist who I admire, respect, and with whom I feel I would create something beautiful.



Q: Now, (correct me if I’m wrong) – you got your start in music by writing for film and television? Can you explain the process to becoming a jingle singer?

A: Yes..people often say “jingle singer” a lot of the times. It’s so much more than just hopping in the studio and singing a silly 3 second catchy motive. What I’ve done entails composing and recording melodies and lyrics for demanding clients in a highly competitive advertising industry. It’s about nailing the right vibe at the right time. I got started interning for music agencies in NYC, which gave me the opportunity to work (singing and writing) with various composers who submit music for commercials and shows. One open door led to another.


Q: Do you think that’s a certain career path that’s often overlooked?

A: I’m not sure that it’s overlooked. It’s very competitive and requires hard work and talent, like any artistic career. I’m lucky that my work has found so much favor with people within that industry.


Q: Is the lack of recognition what drove you to become an independent artist – or did you always have hopes to become the one in the spotlight?

A: I don’t think that a lack of recognition was my drive or is my drive presently. I’m driven by the desire to create art and we’ll see where it takes me.


Sita 01.JPG


Q: When you released one of your first – if not, the first song as an independent artist “Closer” – did you know what to expect?

A: I had NO idea what to expect! It was something that I just put out there, and hoped for the best.


Q: Since its release, you’ve been consistent in dropping quality music with songs such as “Around Me, Back and Forth, and your newest song “Low”. With every song you create, does it become harder to stay creative?

A: Thank you 🙂 Every song is different…so some come way more easily than others. I aim to create music that I like and that inspires me. Sometimes, it is a challenge..but, at those points you can’t get discouraged. You have to get through the crap in order to get the gold.


Q: Because you are an independent artist, it is a little harder to gather a fan base and get your name your there (but in due time it will happen). What keeps you motivated?

A: Well, I guess life is what motivates me. Music is the way in which I express myself- my thoughts and emotions. As long as I‘m living, I feel like I will always feel the need for expression through music.


Q: Do you think major labels are still necessary to become popular in the industry?

A: I think that while major labels can significantly help an artist gain exposure, I do not think that they are a necessity. There are so many music platforms available these days. So, it’s certainly not impossible for indie artists to achieve success on their own.


Q: You have yet to release a full project but you do have a lot of music out – is that something you’re working towards in 2018?

A: I think that the music industry has changed significantly in the last decade. I don’t believe that full projects are 100% the way to go for indie artists at this point. So, I am just concentrating on releasing singles for the moment.


Q: What are some of your main goals for the year?

A: My goal is to keep releasing as much music as possible. I don’t have a set number, but I ideally, I would love to release one single per month. I would also love to collaborate with more artists, too.


Q: Lastly, is there anything you would like to tell your supporters?

A: THANK YOU!!!! Your words and love for the music have been amazingly encouraging. It’s such a great feeling to know that I am able to connect with people through my favorite art form.

Make sure to stay updated with Sita make sure to follow her on: SoundCloud, Instagram

To listen to her latest single “Low” click here.

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