Meet London Based Singer/Songwriter: Marie Dahlstrom. “. . . Trust in yourself and imagine the best for yourself.”

Meet Marie Dahlstrom, the Danish vocalist who is currently based in London. I’ve been a fan of Marie for a little over 4 years and in that time have seen her develop into the artist she is now. This website was built off the idea that artists like Marie should be getting more recognition. Since the beginning, she’s created timeless music that has captivated audiences from all over the world. 

I got the chance to speak with her about her favorite artists, what’s kept her going all these years, and much more!


Q: For the readers who may not be aware of your music, would you like to introduce yourself?

A: Singer-songwriter, Danish, live in London, PhD student.




Q: What attracted you to music? Who were some of the influences you had growing up that made you think “wow, I want to do this too” ?

A: I was making music from a young age, it felt natural to me, so I just followed my gut and went with it.




Q: Did you always know you want to be a musician? When you decided to do it professionally did you have the support of your family and/or friends?

A: It wasn’t something I ever decided, it was something I felt like I was missing so much when I wasn’t doing it.. It was almost like music chose me, in a way.



Marie - feelings.jpg

Q: You released your first project Feelings in 2011. Since this was your first official project released, were you nervous about how it would be received?

A: No I wasn’t nervous- I thought it was exciting and I think I was quite naive to the whole music world, didn’t really know what I was doing hahah…I think that helped a bit.




Q: Do you remember how you felt listening to the project as a whole for the first time?

A: I felt proud, and I felt it was a nice accomplishment, and fun to have tried from scratch to make a project, it’s a lot of work – in a good way :)




Q: Because this was your first official project, did you feel any pressure in creating it? Are there any tips you could give aspiring artists when it comes to creating their first project?

A: I didn’t feel any pressure in creating my first project – making music is a learning curve, and I think it is important to view it that way. Every time I start a new song, I always think, it doesn’t have to become a track that I want to share with the world, and that really takes away all pressure. It’s for you only, until you want to make it for someone else. Some days you make good songs, sometime you make bad songs, and that’s the beauty of it.




Q: Since its release, you have consistently put out singles such as “Look the Other Way” (feat. Sophie Faith), and projects such as Gloom and Nine. Do you write all your music yourself?

A: Yes, I write all my music myself – sometimes I write with my friends, but mostly I do the songs myself.




Q: Has there ever been a time where you had a creative block? If so, how did you surpass it?

A: There are days where I feel less inspired, but I think it’s a natural part of being a creative. I never think of it as a block.




Q: In 2016, you released the joint project Hans Island with producer Mawhs, how did this come about?

A: I just instantly connected to his beats, thought they were really beautiful. It was an organic process. I hope to work with him more in the future.




Q: Listening to the project, it is evident that you have departed from you generally contemporary R&B sound. Do you think it’s important to experiment with different sounds/genres as an artist to experience growth?

A: I think it’s important to grow definitely – I didn’t deliberately try and change sound, and I don’t think artists have to either. But I think it’s important to go with what feels right, and trust your instincts.




Q: Was the creative process in making this different from your experiences? If so, how?

A: I didn’t do any production on the Hans Island EP, I was only involved with the singing, which is quite different. Also, Mawhs and I have never met, so we did it all remotely which was a really fun way to work, I feel like I already know him. Lol




Q: In October you released the ep Nine, with every project that you release do it become harder to stay creative?

A: No, it becomes easier.




Q: Outside of music, you are one of five hosts for the podcast called “Time of the Month” where you cover a range of topics such as “mental health and music”. How did all of this come about?

A: We are all friends and all in the same business, and all women, so we felt it was a good way to share our experiences.




Q: I listened to one of the podcasts where you were talking about performing and anxiety and it made me wonder, do you get nervous when you have to perform live? What are some tips you can share for overcoming that anxiety?

A: I get mad nervous. I think the best advice is to trust in yourself and imagine the best for yourself – that the concert is gonna be amazing, think good things. Our inner voice is so powerful.




Q: If you had the chance to perform with one artist of your choice who would it be and why?

A: Herbie Hancock, J. Cole, India Arie, Musiq Soulchild. Haha can’t chooose!!  I just such a big fan of all of these artists. I feel like I draw a lot from their music, and creativity.




Q: The internet has allowed people from all over the world to interact and be influenced by each other. Is there a place you would be shocked to hear they are listening to your music?

A: hmm I feel like I’ve already been shocked so many times! Music really does connect the world.




Q: Who are some current artists that you like listening to?

A: As in right now… HER- her voice is so stunning, it’s unreal. SZA, the new Fabolous and Jadakiss album, Puma Blue, and lots of my friends who are musicians,



Q: Is there anyone from overseas that you want to work with in the future?

A: J Cole, Lizz Wright



Q: Do you have a dream collaboration?

A: There are so many, it’s really hard to pick one. Would love to be on a Robert Glasper record.

Marie 3.JPG

Q: If you had the opportunity to travel & share your music where would you go?

A: South Africa, I feel like I get lots of good vibes from there




Q: You have managed to release music for the last six years and though you may not have worldwide success, you have been relatively successful. There are a lot of aspiring artists who release music and feel they will never get noticed or that their work will never be appreciated. Do you have any advice for those artists?

A: Yes – it’s not about other people. You need to ask yourself, would you still make music if no one could ever hear it? And really try and assess what it is you love about it. Everyone’s journey is different, and for me, for example, music-making is quite a sacred thing, and I want it to stay that way, and the only way to do that, is to be grateful for every little opportunity and focus on develop your skills and investing in yourself. It is supposed to feel good.




Q: Last but not least, is there anything you want to tell your supporters?
A: Just that I am truly grateful for every single person who supports me, and believes in my music. ❤️ it really does mean everything.

To stay updated with Marie make sure to follow her on: Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud

To listen to her latest project Nine – click here.

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