Meet English Pop Duo: Blessed. “Don’t just believe in your talents . . . work hard for your dream.

Meet Blessed – the South-East London sister duo that’s currently re-defining the sound of pop music. Although they only started a year ago (at least professionally) they have shown that they have what it takes to be successful in this industry. The music, the visuals, the authenticity – everything. Of course, you may read this and feel that I’m a little biased since I’ve mentioned the duo a number of times, but if you’ve listened to the music I’ve recommended – you’d understand why. I’m not a huge fan of pop or dance music for that matter – but I would definitely say Blessed made me have a open ear to the genre.

In this interview I got to speak with the sisters about how they remain consistent, a dream “third member” and much more!


Q: For those who may have not heard of your duo before would you both like to take the time to introduce yourselves?

Lauren: Hey, we are ‘Blessed’. I’m Lauren and this is my sister Georgia, we are from South-East London.

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Georgia (Left), Lauren (Right)


Q: I know that you guys are sisters, is music something that you grew up around? Is there anyone else in your family who is musically inclined?

Lauren: Growing up we weren’t like the Jackson Five, all singing and dancing together, but our older brother is very talented, he can write, sing and was in a boy band.


Q: When you decided to become professional musicians did you have the support of your family? What kind of advice could you give someone who may not have support?

Georgia: We definitely had support and still do but we know too well the frustrations of pursuing a music career as naturally your parents worry for your future, as the industry is very difficult to break through.

As  for advice it’s super important that you don’t just believe in your talents but that you work hard for your dream. Surrounding yourself with other artists and musicians can be really uplifting and give you that extra bit of support that you may not have from family.



Q: Are there any qualities about each other that you admire?

Lauren: I admire Georgia’s kind heart, she’s so sympathetic & an amazing listener.  She gives the most mature advice. more mature than me haha.

Georgia: I admire how outgoing and fun Lauren is, she’s always up for having a great time and is always encouraging others to let go and have fun.


Q: You officially debuted with the song “My Yute” in early August 2017, were either of you nervous about how it would be received?

Lauren:  Yes, we was definitely nervous about releasing ‘My Yute’, as it was written with such lightheartedness, we didn’t want to come across as two ‘stooshy girls, especially being our first signed release. That’s why the visual was so important to us and Victor Kovachev (Videographer) did such an amazing job at bringing that fun element of the song to life.


Q: Since the song’s video release it has garnered over 90,000 views, how does it feel to know this many people enjoy your music?

Lauren: It’s amazing, it’s what every musician wants as it gives you justification that other people are loving what you do, or even if they don’t they are still intrigued.  


Q: Your EP, See Through All The Colours, was released in late August, do either of you have a favorite track off the project?

Georgia: We both love See Through All the Colours probably the most off that EP.


Blessed - See Through All the Colours


Q: Listening to the project it is noticeable that y’all cover a range of genres whether it be R&B in the song “Venom” or Moombahton (fusion genre of house music and reggaeton) in the songs “My Yute” and “See Through All the Colours”. With that being said, who are some of your music influences/inspirations?

Lauren: Growing up, Georgia was definitely a pop queen and I was more into 90’s/ 2000’s R&B. We are half Jamaican and although we don’t listen to much reggae, we are heavily influenced by the melodies/slang used not just in reggae music but in Jamaican culture in general. That’s definitely why there is a sense of genre fusion.


Q: Do you write your own music? Are you open to collaborating with other singers/songwriters?

Lauren: Yes we write our own music and have collaborated with songwriters on some of our tracks. I think it was important for us to work more or less on our own on our first project, and then on our Howlin Ep we have worked a bit more with other writers. We have definitely learnt that you can’t do it solely alone as you grow so much more with working with others. We are always up for working with people in the Future.



Q: Are there any current artists that you guys like listening to?

Lauren: We are both really loving Kamille, we have not stopped listening to her My Head’s A Mess EP. Lotto Boys, H.E.R, Masego and A Boogie wit da Hoodie.



Q: If you had the option to become a trio w/ any other artist of your liking (could be mainstream); who would it be and why?

Lauren: I would choose Raye, I just love how real she seems and looks like she would be jokes to be around.

Georgia: Mine would be Bebe Rexha, she’s an amazing songwriter, great energy and would add some supper sass to the band.



Q: If you had the chance to open up a tour for one artist, who would it be?

Georgia: We’ve been getting a lot of love from with Harmony fans, so probably them. I think we could also learn a lot from them performance wise as they are sick.


Blessed - Howlin


Q: Even though you released your debut project over the summer, in December you released another project Howlin’. With all of this new music coming out are there any big plans for 2018?

Lauren:  Yes we are constantly creating music, we feel it’s really important to be consistent. As we are constantly evolving and changing and we want people to be on that journey with us. So 2018 you can definitely expect to here much more music and hopefully some collaborations.  



Q: If I were introducing your music to someone, what song would you recommend I play them?

Lauren: I would say ‘Howlin’ its off our ‘Howlin’ Ep that dropped on the 8th of December.

Georgia: & I would say ‘Fire It Up’ which is also off our ‘Howlin’ EP.



Q: What do you think is the hardest thing about being in the entertainment industry in general; Do you feel you’re prepared to become a public figure?

Georgia: I guess we won’t fully know until we are in the public eye, but I feel we are prepared and we have each other. Today it’s not just about the music, there’s a million other things to do (social media etc.) so finding the balance can be quite hard but i think we are finding it.



Q: Do you have any lifetime goals, you’d like to reach — specifically having to do with music?

Lauren: We’d love for music to take us around the world, meeting fans. Can’t wait till we sell out tours and make more music people connect with. We are just ready to take any opportunity that comes our way.



Q: Do you think you’ve found your core audience yet? Who do you think they are?

Georgia: Haha I really don’t think we have, At the moment it seems very mixed, maybe as we release more we will start to see an emerging audience. But we’ve had a few teenagers reach out to us giving us their support, a lot have been boys which has been really nice to see them relating to our sound and being vocal about it.



Q: There are a lot of people who will follow in your footsteps, do you have any advice to those aspiring artists?

Lauren: Like Gee said before, believing in you dreams but putting in a lot of hard work. Networking & be patient. There will be many testing moments but you will get through the other side, and end up doing something you love for a living.



Q: Last but not least, is there anything you want to tell your supporters?

Georgia: Thank you all soo much! We promise 2018 we have a lot more coming, that we know you’re going to love. We hope you stay on this journey with us and continue to show love! Follow us on all socials @Thisisblessed, we want to hear from you all!! We love you guys!


To stay updated with Blessed make sure to follow them on: Twitter, Instagram

To listen to their debut ep See Through All the Colours click here.

To listen to their latest ep Howlin’ click here.

To watch their music video for Howlin’ click here.

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