New Music: London Based

For the past few years, London has gradually become a hub for new influencers – especially in music. With artists like Ms. Banks and Kojo Funds gaining success overseas, 2017 seems like a great year to cross over for our European influencers. I’ve compiled a list of artists who have grabbed my attention recently; some who’ve been featured before.


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Mentioned for the second time on this site, meet the incredible South-East London sister-duo Blessed. Since launching their career in early 2017, the duo has been noticed by sources like Clash and Kalbut Magazine(s). Not only are the pair versatile, they are consistent which is surely an impressive quality for any artist to have. Having released their first two projects in a span of four months there’s no question on if  the duo will experience success and international fame, it’s a matter of when.

Similar Artists: Amelia Payne, Liana Banks

Make sure to listen to both of their projects: See Through All the Colours EPHowlin EP

To listen to their latest single “Howlin'” click here

Also, to stay updated follow them on: Instagram, Twitter, and SoundCloud


Lyves is by far one of my favorite voices coming out of London right now. Having dabbled in music for the last two years, it came as a pleasant surprise when her debut project Like Water was released in January 2017. The project has received praise from sources like HighClouds, Pigeons & Planes, and Pilerats — all of them noting how great of a debut this was. Lyves voice is nothing short of captivating, singing lyrics of heartbreak, fear, and emotions everyone can relate to.

Similar Artists: Abi Ocia, Cosima

To listen to her debut project Like Water click here.

To listen to her single Darkest Hour click here.

Abi Ocia (2)Abi Ocia

Abi is another captivating vocalist to come out of London in the last few years. She’s only released 3 songs (as of yet) but I am especially hopeful to see what the future has in store for her. Since her debut in 2016 she has accumulated over 120,000 plays on her music from SoundCloud alone. As a fan of both alternative and r&b music listening to Abi gives me the best of both words which can be seen, well — heard, in her songs Konfyt and Running.

Similar Artists: Jones, Trace, Bobi Andov, Lyves

To stay updated with Abi follow her on: Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter



Have any of you ever been on YouTube and clicked on a video but instead of the video playing and ad pops up? That’s basically how I found this artist. Avelino, a Tottenham native has been described as “one of the UK’s most outspoken, upfront young talents“. He’s been active for around a decade but he gained popularity around 2014 with the release of his second mixtape Iconic Ambition. Since then he has released his debut ep, FYO, as well as his latest project No Bullshit (which I’ve mentioned previously) which is lead with the single U Can Stand Up/Royals.

Similar Artists: J Hus, Not3s, Abra Cadabra

To keep updated with Avelino: Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloud’

Make sure to listen to his latest single: 1 In A Million



I’ve known Taliwhoah for around two years and in that time she has been consistent in releasing quality music, each one better than the last. If you want to know more about Taliwhoah I would recommend you read the interview I did with her back in late 2016 (click here). — Taliwhoah is another one of those versatile artists who sound amazing no matter which genre.

If you are an avid PBR&B/Alternative R&B fan, I would recommend you listen to her debut project Melodies of Madness If you like funk/psychedelic music I would recommend you listen to her song FunkIf you enjoy R&B/Reggae I would recommend Alright (Genre: Baile Funk) as well as one of her latest songs Details.

—The point is, she has music that will cater to everyone while staying true to who she is as an artist.

When I interviewed her back in 2016 I asked her if she had any plans for 2017 and she alluded to something but wouldn’t give any details. It seems that what she alluded to was her being on radio shows all year including in studio performances on The Vibe Jam Sessions & Soulmate Selections, and releasing her second project New Wave Order Vol. 1 (just to name a few things)

To listen to her latest single Meds (Genre: Pop) click here.

To listen to her newest project click here.

To stay updated with Taliwhoah make sure to follow her on: Twitter, Instagram

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